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Lenax Kalin Rhaburn is a 28 year-old native of the village of Carmelita, Belize, in Central America. Lenax completed Second Form in school, then began working, in order to help his family of 13 financially. He performs manual labor at the saw mill by day, and pursues his passion of drawing beneath kerosene lamps at night. He is a self-taught artist, creating intricate pencil sketches from his mind’s eye, as well as photographs, and commission requests. Life experiences and biblical stories are his inspiration. Lenax enjoys developing his craft, and it is his dream for his artwork to make it out of Belize and be exhibited around the world.


His Mercy of Grace



Artist Statement

I studied the verses and meditated on them before picking up my pencil to sketch. I let the energy and spirit of God and his word flow through me and give inspiration. I like to draw religious images, and have many in my sketchbook, so I was very interested in this competition when I heard about it. It is a perfect subject for me.

How it fits into contest

This spectacular image is a visual representation of the spiritual battle found in Ephesians 6:10-20. The art displays God projecting boldness of faith for his people. He protects them using the word of God, transforming their minds to be unified as one family, when tempted and divided by the devil.

The devil is represented in the drawing by the satanic centaur and menacing eagle on the scorched earth above, as well as the skulls of demons and spiritual forces of evil lurking below. Those who struggle and fail against the powers of the dark world are dragged down into spiritual purgatory, and eventually, hell.

God keeps his people fearless against evil, armed by his word and spirit, represented by the figure at the top right. The man stands firm, with his belt of truth around his waist, breastplate of righteousness, armor of spiritual knowledge of the Bible, and sword of the spirit, represented by the cross in his hand. The heavenly realms shine down on him, covering him in a protective shield of faith. The centaur and eagle’s fire and arrows (evil) cannot penetrate his spiritual armor of faith. Belief in God's word and prayer keeps him safe.

He speaks to lost souls mired in devil’s schemes, represented by the scared face in the underworld, surrounded by arms of demons. The man prays for them and instructs on the gospel. He says: “You can find yourself and be a restored human being, just as God has promised. Through the power of the grace of prayer and God, you can be forgiven.” This is shown by the angels on the bottom right reaching out to the lost souls who have fallen to the evil below, and showing them the way out. Through prayer, and spiritual belief, the lost souls are blessed with God's grace, forgiven, and freed to once again thrive in his kingdom.

Lenax Rhaburn
Visual Drawing: His Mercy of Grace


Lenax Rhaburn - Artist

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Original work. Pencil sketch on canvas paper. Available for purchase.
Contact Lenax Rhaburn via phone or WhatsApp: (+501) 621-4102
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Lenax Kalin Rhaburn is available for direct commissions, inclusion in exhibitions, and in-house positions.
Contact via phone or WhatsApp: (+501) 621-4102
or via email:

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