Manuel Martínez


Manuel Martínez


Since i was a little boy, i loved sculpture and enjoyed visiting my uncle's house where he had many sculptures.
I' m basically a self taught artist. After living all my life in cities where there was no schools of arts, when i was almost 50 years old, i moved to México city AND lived there for 5 years, where i had the chance to take some courses on sculpture. Two of them at the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts.
I also had participated in some collective and personal exhibitions.
I do not live from sculpture, i basically do it for my own joy. I wish i Will do it in the future.
I'm open to opportunities to show my work on figurative and modern conceptual sculpture and to receive request for particular designs.

Best Contact Method

You may contact me at my cell phone (WhatsApp) number : +5215576669023.
Or my email english/spanish spoken
Right now im working on a new web page which Will be loaded as soon as Its ready.

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