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Hello, my name is Stephen Thomas AKA Mr. Fast Forward and my journey to the Lord was full of ups and downs, but I thank the Lord for his mercy. Being depressed and suicidal as a teenager, after my mom died, I fought to find meaning with drugs and alcohol but was never fulfilled. One evening as I was about to commit suicide by drinking Poison, I looked up to the sky and began to quarrel with God and say, "I'm tired of this life , I want to die, why do you hate me?", and many other things along that line. Then clear as day as I was about to drink the poisonous substance, inside of my spirit I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me and it was a word - seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things will be added to you. at that moment I was broken inside and fell to my knees began to cry and begged God for forgiveness and to reveal to me who He was. the following day it was like a veil had been lifted from my eyes and everything felt brand new. the sky the mountains, the rivers, nature, everything went from black and white to High definition to me. My next step was to get a bible and begin to read and allow the word of God to speak to me and I can say it has been the best decision in my life... After reading the gospels I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ! my journey has been filled with ups and downs. its been 15 years now and though I may stumble and fall at times, the word of God gives me the strength to carry on. The armor of God is real and it is what keeps me in his grace . it helped me to turn away from addiction and keeps me on the straight and narrow. Jesus is my Lord , now and forever, and following him is the one decision I will hold onto down to my dying breath. and I hope you do too!

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