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Nina Aldewood


My name is Nina Aldewood I am a 24 yr old female Canadian artist , my artistic inspiration is the beauty of life , God's love and our true emotions. Born and raised in city of Vancouver. I live and have lived in the Eastside for nearly 10 yrs now with me and my furbabies. Surrounded by so much pain that poverty and no love brings but always seeing the light in the darkness. Art is my tool of therapeutic gains, how I connect with myself and the universe. It's in this time I can release myself and freely. It leads me on a journey to a peaceful place in my mind. It's brighten my soul and allows me to be able to see things In a new way. I have always loved art and it's benefit. I started by drawing but begin painting a few years back. I began New Angle Art a few years back and started my career in Art .I
specialize in abstract Artwork now that is often quite complex and tells a story of my inner self and reflection of my real self and feelings. I feel that these painting I create is what I was meant to do my purpose and ultimately my way of having a connection to a higher power and to a higher self. I been blessed with the ability to produce breath taking pieces using different kinds of art technique. I use acrylic paint and often use a method of using fluid paint this technique creates a unique style of art. I use my art to inspire and bring forward true beauty, love, joy and happiness.

Born and Raised in Vancouver BC.
Art is a form of healing it's therapeutic it is the silver lining of my life.

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If interested in my Artwork and would like to learn more please take the time to check out my page New Angle Art I'm on Instagram or Facebook. I can also be contacted thru my email account :

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New Angle Art

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