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Pam Austin


Artist PAM AUSTIN is a native Tennessean and lives and works in the Nashville area. Following a successful career in business, Pam began pursuing her childhood passion of creating art by painting her journey through life. She is an artist who seeks to abstractly capture and express the essence of life primarily with acrylic on canvas. Pam has studied under several regional and nationally known artists and attended Watkins College of Art & Design in Nashville. Throughout Pam’s art career, her work has been juried into national as well as regional exhibitions and won numerous awards. Pam's paintings can be found in corporate and private collections throughout the US.

"Intrigued by the revelation of the human spirit, I seek to capture and intuitively express the essence of life and healing through the process of putting paint to canvas. My desire is to unveil Truth which at times tends to be elusive and somewhat hidden until forced to be reckoned with in one form or another. In my work the unveiling occurs only when the illusion of control is released and the paint is able to freely dance on the canvas with ever-changing line, shape, texture and color. Although choices present themselves throughout the process -what to keep and of what to let go, I am gently reminded that it is in releasing that true freedom is found."

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Contact me through my website:
Instagram: pam_austin_artist
Facebook: @PamAustinArt

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Pam Austin Art

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