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Ria Sharma is a US & Dubai-based award-winning Indian artist and award-winning photographer. She was born in India in 1975 and persuaded her career in Dubai for 20 years. Being a Civil Engineer she has fulfilled a successful professional career in construction for 16 years. In 2013, she accidently found herself in the middle of paints & brushes. The incident changed her forever. With a desire to bring out goodness to society through art, she is involved in projects that focus on social issues such as women empowerment, refugee crises, & breast cancer awareness. Regularly collaborates with community based programs that support special needs such as Senses, Mawaheb & Autism centres in Dubai In 2017, she started exploring her style of Cubism. Her Cubist artworks are an offshoot of her Civil Engineering background. Her passion grew into photography and photoshop in 2019. She specializes at “Creative storytelling photography” She had five successful Solo Shows. Participated in about 50 international exhibitions. Her style Cubism is covered by many leading newspapers of Dubai and internationally. Her work is owned by art lovers around the world. Awards She is prize winner of ‘Story through self portrait’ by World Art Dubai & Nikon contest 2021 Her ‘Reconstructing the Future’ is the prize winner for Kobo Art contest 2021 She was the winner of Clyde & Co MENA awards 2018. She holds 24 plus awards including Best of show and prize wins She is a member of Photographic Society of America and Tashkeel Dubai She also practices and teaches Arabic Calligrapher Statement My Cubist artwork are offshoot of her Civil Engineering background. “In my Cubist artwork, objects are analysed, broken up and reassembled in an abstracted form . ” Block wise construction of subject as if constructing a structure. It is a play of rhythmic movements and simplification of connecting forms. My dynamic subjects are in rhythm with controlled cubist lines and powerful spirits that seek to burst from the constraints of the cubist shapes. Seeking a higher conscious level as if in trance. Qualification: Civil Engineer B.E since 1998 Distinctions: AFIAP, BPSA and AICS. She is basic & advance photography course with the Photographic Society of America.

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