Rojay Chambers


Rojay Chambers


I am Rojay Antonio Chambers, a 28 year old Christian and a teacher of Visual Arts, who hails from the country of Jamaica and the parish of Clarendon. My philosophy is that “ With God all things are possible”. In 2014, I graduated from The Mico University College where I obtained a Bachelor of Education (Upper Second Honours) in Visual Arts.

I am extremely passionate about Art and animation specifically and can aptly describe myself as a self – taught individual; as a result, I desperately want to pursue a course in animation to hone my raw talent. My achievements are:

.2019- assist a group of teachers in painting two (2) Murals on different schools campus.

.2018- Entered a group of students in an annual Drug Awareness competition,of which they were placed in the top five (5) position.

· 2015- Illustration for a text book Entitled “Introducing Literature: Fundamentals of Poetry, Prose and Drama” by J. Ann Jackson.

· 2014- A comic book for my final year project while at The Mico University College.

· 2011-2014 illustration for the “The Mico Scope”, The Mico University College newspaper.

My passion for the Visual Arts is hinged on two distinct reasons; first, I believed that Visual Arts can be used as a platform to teach certain core values and attitudes as well as to provide wholesome entertainment for children and by extension the entire family. Second, I want to use Visual Arts as a teaching strategy to develop interest and appreciation towards Art as an expression and also to develop critical thinking skills in children, which is important for decision making.


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