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I am Rojay Antonio Chambers, a 28 year old Christian and a teacher of Visual Arts, who hails from the country of Jamaica and the parish of Clarendon. My philosophy is that “ With God all things are possible”. In 2014, I graduated from The Mico University College where I obtained a Bachelor of Education (Upper Second Honours) in Visual Arts. I am extremely passionate about Art and animation specifically and can aptly describe myself as a self – taught individual; as a result, I desperately want to pursue a course in animation to hone my raw talent. My achievements are: .2019- assist a group of teachers in painting two (2) Murals on different schools campus. .2018- Entered a group of students in an annual Drug Awareness competition,of which they were placed in the top five (5) position. · 2015- Illustration for a text book Entitled “Introducing Literature: Fundamentals of Poetry, Prose and Drama” by J. Ann Jackson. · 2014- A comic book for my final year project while at The Mico University College. · 2011-2014 illustration for the “The Mico Scope”, The Mico University College newspaper. My passion for the Visual Arts is hinged on two distinct reasons; first, I believed that Visual Arts can be used as a platform to teach certain core values and attitudes as well as to provide wholesome entertainment for children and by extension the entire family. Second, I want to use Visual Arts as a teaching strategy to develop interest and appreciation towards Art as an expression and also to develop critical thinking skills in children, which is important for decision making. N/A


The Armour of GOD Concept

Artist Statement

This short film depicts Ephesians 6:10-20. It is about human wrestling daily with the forces of evil and the desire to live righteously. This cannot be accomplished without God's total protection, hence the need for the Armour, shield and sword.

How it fits into contest

This fits into the topic as human sees his short comings in the "mirror" as it were, there is an attempt to change.


Rojay Chambers

Transcript / Lyrics


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