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My name is Romaine Blair I’m a cinematographer based in Connecticut, I pride myself in creating content that ruminates deeply with My audience. I believe in Jesus Christ and I hope that the content I produce will represent him well.

My team consists of first-time actors, scene lighting, and audio techs. They were wonderful individuals to work with.

Malonia is a 12-year-old girl that was really happy to play the role even though this was her first time ever playing any role on camera. I see a lot of development over this short period and I'm sure there is a lot of growth to come.

Both Patrick and Alicia Burke blew my mind, we created unbelievable moments on set, and it was a spontaneous argument on set that drove the Story arc. They were truly an amazing couple to work with.

Alicia Thompson: Alicia is an amazing keyboard player and it was such a privilege for me to have her on the team. She brought to life scenes with sounds to complement the story, truly a gifted player.

My close friend Shawneil Thompson helped me with scene setup and lighting. He was definitely an invaluable part of my team.

Danielle Ervin is a poet based in Connecticut, a really close friend to my wife and I. She's an amazing port and she narrated the script so beautifully, I was blown away.

Sarah Blair is my beautiful wife that helped me on set, with Audio, water, encouragement, and just encouragement to everyone on set.

Peta-Gaye McNamee and Berris McNamee live in Jamaica where I was born were the persons I turned to, to Analyze my script and scrutinize it as much as possible to help the development and strengthen the characters. I really appreciate their input and how they challenged me to ruminate and the deeper aspect of the story structure.

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