Samuele Marzi


He was born in Leghorn (Tuscany) on 17 January 1992. Passionate about the arts including drawing, painting and jazz music, he studied music at the city's conservatory and obtained his academic diploma in Trumpet in 2011. Since 2012 he has been approaching the world of photography as a self-taught photographer with a Nikon D90 reflex camera. His photographic works are the result of a casual search for places, which he visits on his motorbike without ever setting a precise destination, but always trying to identify some interesting scenery for his eye to capture. His main shots are of nature and landscapes, but there are also some shots of subjects of various origins with particular attention to detail; all his artistic works can be appreciated both in colour and in black and white. He is hardly satisfied with the first shot. He goes looking for that detail that he wants to convey to himself, as he has a very intimate relationship with his photography, which is why he almost never exhibits his work publicly. The year 2022 was a turning point in his private life. From then on, he decided to make public his photographic work, which he had always kept jealously hidden. Since 2015, he has been a substitute teacher of music in state secondary schools.

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