shayna sutton


Shayna Arnell Sutton was born in Weatherford, Texas in 1990. Raised by a single mother in a small town she lived off her very creative imagination as a child, she embraced her personhood and allowed what made her different to be expressed throughout her art. She began her art education in 2008 only to decide to enlist in the United States Navy in 2011. Completing her enlistment in 2016 she decided to continue her education and by doing so found her love for art again through God. Although, she wears the hat crafted from a mother, veteran, artist and sometimes baker. They all play a part in helping to inspire the multifaceted artist she is today.
She tries to immerse herself in all of the different art mediums but, she has strong passion for drawing, sculpture, painting and photography. They all allow her to do what she loves the most which is portraits, social, political and personal messages or statements. She loves to use vivid colors but still loves the power that comes from the simple yet influential monochromatic colors used in an analog camera. She is pursuing her BFA in Sculpture at the University of Texas at Arlington.

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Email: IG: @shayna.anyahss

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