I, Sujan Sarkar, am a freelance photographer born in 1985. I stay at Cooch Behar , West Bengal , India. Photography is my passion. I take photographs with love, I play on happily in the layers of humanity. I like to intimate with the subject matter and work out of compassion, respect and understanding for the people and issues. I am a self taught photographer. Till date I have won more than 90 awards in National and International photography competitions. Among these ,the most prestigious awards which helped me to move forward are: National Geographic Moments Award(2 Times) 2013,2015 Sony WPO award 2014 IREX Photo Competition 2014 Alfred Freid Nobel Award 2014 Urban photographer of the year 2014 Intrepid Travel Award 2015 Humanity Photo Award 2015 ULI Northwest Essay Photo Contest 2015 CGAP Photo contest (3 times) 2015 , 2016, 2017 UNEP – Focus On Your World 2016 Co-Operative Photography Competition 2016 KIA BUSAN International Architecture and URBAN Digital Photo Competition 2016 UNESCO Photography Award 2016 Orhan Holding 2017 SONY Portrait Award 2018 XPOSURE,SHARJAH 2018 YOUMANITY 2018 3rd International Skylife Photo Contest 2019 HIPA 2020 And more…

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