Willie Singh


Willie Singh is an emerging Filmmaker and entrepreneur in Film and Video Production. Over a decade ago, he has worked towards creating his company Willsworld Production and has been involved in Video Production in Trinidad and Tobago over the years. Collaborating with other creatives, his experience expands from Private to Corporate with his passionate dream of Film Productions. He has worked on a few Short Films in the past and aims to achieve a series of Feature Films in the future. His recent collaborative achievements on the recent Short Film “Hush A Bye” has won international awards in 2019. This achievement has been increasingly excited thus far and has been very encouraging to produce more Films. He directed, written, and produced Wake up, a drama short film which gained entry at an international film festival. Willie is currently at the development stage of his first feature film which is written and would be directed and produced by him and collaborating team members of Willsworld Production.

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Willsworld Production

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Willie Singh



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