Artist bio

I'm a self taught photographer, videographer, editor, director, cinematographer, colorist. Have shot the film just by myself, acted in it although I don't consider myself as an actor and there were no options to have someone else as actor due to the lock down situation. The female actor in the film is Samadrita Dutta, my wife. She is an IT Professional and helped me out acting in the film.


Can Love Survive Corona?

Artist Statement

This film is based on the reality that if someone gets infected with Corona, taken for quarantine where no family members get access to meet the person. If the person recovers from there, can get back to his/her family else there won't be any funeral and no last good bye.

In this film there is a couple separated by international border and the border is locked down. It's the fear among them of getting infected by Corona and then not being able to see each other again for the rest of this life.

How it fits into contest

When there is no control over the situation it's left to only God. The situation in this film depicts that in my eyes.


Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Script, Videographer, Colorist-
Saikat Mridha

Female Actor- Samadrita Dutta
Male Actor- Saikat Mridha

Song/Music used:- Kaun Mera sung by Papon (MTV Coke Studio version)

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