Joseph Fisera

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My name is Joseph Fisera . An artist , thinker and maybe even more .I'm a currently a student studying in the path of illustration in Sessions.EDU. I did study at Midlands tech, but even with my degrees in Graphic design with photoshop and 3dxmax; its more of an art dessert. I Work on SCAD for the summer, but it was all too costly. That is why I'm currently studying at Sessions. The Result is that my work can be perfect to some day opening my own studio with the right tech to start in film some day. Joseph Fisera , producer , director , writer and creator of this film. Savfk - free music creator


Humanities Guide to the anthropomorphic



Artist Statement

A found footage documentary found after soon long. How earth once was and humanity thought to be the only being with this gift. To beings beyond humanity that has the gift of intelligence like us.

How it fits into contest

It relates of all beings who are filled with spirit . That spirit is the gift of intelligence and conciseness to brings like humanity that is a part of the lords master plan. That plan is to let all beings that can feel and aware the lords presents with that spirit. Weather it be AI, aliens from other worlds or even non human anthropomorphic animals from earth .


Producer , Director , writer, voice over -
Joseph Fisera

Music - Meaning of words by Savfk

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None , fully digital

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Transcript / Lyrics

Loving ones neighbor as your self. A message to beings with the gift of intelligences weather it be conscious AI, Aliens or even anthropomorphic animals. This is a gift that must be cared. Even if the earth has change to even how we communicate , loving kindness to beings has great poetical.

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