Artist bio

Ayesha Jordan is a Trinidadian filmmaker, who has made several independent short films with little to no budget, since 2012 when she started. She has a passion for film making and believes she can utilize this medium and her creativity to tell her stories, inspire others and share messages to the world. Having dedicated her life to Jesus over the last few years, she has slowly gravitated to filling the need to have her films geared more toward Christianity and also having her films made and shown with a spiritual based background.



Artist Statement

This script was written in 2014, little did I know that I was writing my own destiny. With little modification to the script, I was able to see why God had allowed me to wait this long to finally produce it. He had to prepare me and preparation always takes time. Throughout the years as I came closer to the Lord, he placed me in the school of the Holy spirit where I had to learn and grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally and still to date am still learning. As he prepared everything, from location, design, team etc., I had to trust and believe that one day he would allow me to finally get it done. My love for God and the relationship I have with him is so intense, I did what I felt in my spirit what he was telling me to do. I give all credit to Lord God Jesus Christ for this piece, as he is the true author of our destiny. I thank him immensely for blessing me with the health and strength and the gifts and talents to do his work in the world and truly believe, according to Prophet T. B. Joshua, that God’s timing is always the best!

Representation and description of movie scenes

SCENE 1 (Our journey of righteousness)

Scene 1 represents our journey in life and on the path of righteousness, where we see many persons that have passed on and may have either lost and even won the battle and are no longer with us. This is represented by walking through a cemetery. Being in the land of the living, we seek to find real truth to our existence.

SCENE 2 (Man in white scene)- Alone with God.

This scene represents being alone with God. As we pray, even being in sin and darkness, we at times question God and seek answers for our existence. God, the Almighty, He who holds the whole world in his hands and He who cannot be identified by race or color, nor has his face ever been seen by any man, has called some of us, as light bearers. This is represented by the symbol of the candlestick on the case, as this particular object has been mentioned several times throughout the bible and specifically in Exodus 37:18 according to the pattern which God had shown to Moses. As light bearers we are called to put together the holy gospel, in order to spread the word to mankind and the world. When we are called to fulfill our life's mission and acknowledge God's plan and destined will for our life, it is then we start to understand the power of God within us and would be guided by the small still voice of the Holy Spirit to overcome the obstacles.

SCENE 3 (Bar scene)- Satanic traps of the enemy

The bar scene represents being in a sinful lifestyle, in a place of darkness and worldly lust and desires. Being in sin the devil lurks quietly in dark corners waiting to entice and deceive with his evil devices and temptations, as he continues to feed and give us the things which continue to hold us in bondage and which he uses to lure and keep persons in the deadly confines of sin.
His deception is sometimes unknown to us, as we are unable to see, discern and identify this through the blinded eyes of sin. Even in sin God’s voice is still calling to us and we are given subtle messages and awakenings which alerts and directs us to find and slowly put the pieces together for the salvation of the soul. At times, God also sends us messages in an effort to protect, guide and help us to escape our destruction, out of the traps of the evil one.

SCENE 4 (The dream)- Attack in the spiritual realm

The enemy is aware of us being souls that are lost and has not yet found the path of righteousness, he is also aware of our call to walk out of the wilderness. The enemy becomes angered as we slip slowly out of his grasp and at this time he seeks to try to attack us even more and with more force and aggression from different stand points and different areas in our life to confuse us. We are again guided by God through dreams and visions of the activities in the spiritual realm, though frightening at times, it is still quite necessary for our understanding of how the powers of darkness operate and how alert we are to be as Christians especially in our spiritual walk and spiritual life. It at times serves as a forewarning of things to come in the future. We should also know that just as satanic attacks may increase, God's angelic presence around us is also increased to protect us as we draw closer to finding and receiving Christ and are with us even in the physical realm. This is represented by the time 444, an angelic number found in Revelations 7:1.

SCENE 5 (2nd man in white scene)- God continues to equip us

Again, as we pray to God, in our human nature there can be fear and anxiety as we come closer to an understanding of the journey we have embarked upon. However, God empowers and equips us for battle with the word of God or what is known as the spiritual weapon, the sword. This also gives us the knowledge and wisdom to release us from fear and to also be used to defend us from the wicked one.

SCENE 6 (struggle with an attacker)-The enemy attacks

As we begin to bring and place the pieces together we are made to take a closer look as we examine ourselves and our capabilities to continue our journey. Just as God has a call on our life the enemy has a call on our life also but unlike God, this is to cause us harm and destruction and instill fear in us as fear is always used as a device to restrict us from accomplishing our mission. Being still in sin leaves an open door way where the enemy can pounce on us suddenly, as he seeks to put a stop and stifle us from continuing our tasks. This is part of the battle we face as followers of Christ. However as we struggle to fight to release the enemy's grip and stronghold on our life we can take hold of the word of God, the sword and counter attack and release the enemy’s grip and be set free as he tries to strangle or constrict us from continuing to move forward out of darkness and especially so as to cause our death when we are in sin.

SCENE 7 (The battle)- Our actual fight or confrontation with the enemy.

As we grow in our spiritual walk with God we become more fearless and bold when coming to understand the power of His word or the sword. As we walk along the road in the journey of life, with our feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace (Ephesians 6:15), and as we also continue to find and put together the gospel and fully seek our salvation we can be called to come face to face with our enemy. As we find and apply faith (the shield) and continue to seek God’s help through prayer we are reinforced spiritually with God's protective armor. Just as Jesus was tempted to give up his salvation and his walk with God, in exchange for the things of the world in Matthew 4:4-ll, we too can face temptation from the devil, as he tries to make deals in an attempt to bargain our lives and salvation in exchange for the things of the world . But as true followers of Christ we become wiser in understanding the devil and his schemes, through discernment and the guidance and forewarning through dreams and visions of the Holy Spirit. We are then able to strategically outsmart the enemy at his game and his deception.
As he realizes that his tricks and schemes are no longer functional in the lives of a true born again Christian, he becomes infuriated and attacks with his arrow or weapons of destruction, but his attacks however are now futile as we are empowered to defeat, conquer and destroy our enemy as we open our mouths boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel (Ephesians 6:19) and as we mainly apply the shield of faith and the sword or the word of God. This causes our enemy to stumble and fall defeated at our feet. We are able to now identify, unmask and expose the devil revealing who he truly is and the evil he is for. This also gives us a clearer understanding of how God protects us from the enemy's plot and evil intentions to destroy us. It sets us free to be able to finally put together the pieces of our salvation in Jesus Christ as he is the savior and died on the cross to redeem us from sin.

SCENE 8 (On the path of life and righteousness)

Although many have passed on and have either lost or won the battle, we as Christians in the land of the living are able to continue to walk and will continue to fight with the belief of the power of God within us, conquering our fears in the journey of life, remaining undefeated in the war, as we continue to have faith, and hold close to the word of God and Jesus Christ.

How it fits into contest

This work fits into the contest topic, the Spiritual Battle found in Ephesians 6:10-20 and related verses, because this piece is based on a true story of my spiritual battle out of the darkness and sinfulness of the world and into the light and on the path of righteousness. Many times a person who is chosen to be a light bearer in this world, becomes a natural enemy to the dark forces especially when they embark upon the journey to seek and find Jesus Christ. The enemy can present himself at times in different ways, but his main mission apart from his deception, is always to kill, steal and destroy. However God’s power reigns supreme and forever mighty above all other powers.

In the beginning of the journey there is fear and doubt and the struggle to understand what is required of us. But as true members of God’s kingdom, once we accept the call and believe, we will be guided by the voice of the holy spirit to the cross which is Jesus Christ. When we find and apply faith (the shield), through obedience, and trust in God, we continue to become fully equipped with the spiritual armour of God to stand against the powers of darkness and quench the fiery darts and arrows of the enemy as we continue in our spiritual battle against evil.


Writer, Director, Editor, Camera/Photography, Production Design,Costume Design, Props design, Narrator, Producer, Main actress
Ayesha Jordan

Male actor
Lamonte Cornwall

Stunt person
Kiva Ganpath

Camera Assistants
Judah Ganpath
Kiva Ganpath
Darien Jordan

Royalty free music

Transcript / Lyrics

Myra walks proudly on the road with a case in her hand.
Overcoming obstacles is one part of our encounter with battle. The war begins when we come face to face with our biggest fears in finding real truth to our existence.
A man is seated with his back facing his desk. He is wearing a white suit his face is not seen. In front of him is a large window. In his hands is a small globe. Myra sits in a chair behind him.
You have been chosen. Your mission is to gather the pieces to help save mankind. Listen and be guided accordingly.
Myra walks into the bar. Music is heard in the background. She looks around confused yet skeptically. She sits quietly on a stool looking at her phone. From across the room Damien, a young man,with a broad grin, notices her from the distance. He walks across the room to where she is seated.
She looks across and up at him.
A whisper/swooshing sound
Myra looks up on the wall, a small distance to the back of Damien. He looks around too, then turns around and looks back at her.
Bartender, I'll have something for the lady.
Her attention is diverted to what she sees on the wall ahead of her.
Excuse me one second.

She rises up from her stool then quickly walks over to the other side of the room. A piece of aged stone hangs loosely from the rest of the wall. She holds on to it and shakes it gently. It releases slowly out from the wall. She then opens the case and places it in one of the empty spaces. She closes back the case. She turns around and walks back to the stool. Damien looks at her and slides the drink across the table in front of her.
Just for you.
She smiles and takes up the glass as she is about to take a drink, her phone makes a sudden loud message tone. She places the glass back down and looks at her phone then looks at Damien.
I have to leave.
It's ok.
We'll catch up.
She walks away quickly as he looks on at her.
Myra is seen walking through the forest as if somewhat lost. She stops as she senses something behind her. She turns around to see a man dressed in dark clothing looking at her. She looks to the other side and sees him appear at the side of her. She begins walking forward as he stares angrily and intensely at her and the case in her hand. As she turns her head forward the man appears in front of her and launches forward to attack her. Myra awakes suddenly from her sleep breathing heavily. She looks at the time on the clock to see it is 4:44 am. She continues to breathe heavily as she tries to calm herself.
There is a man dressed in a white suit, seated looking out through a glass window. He holds a globe in his hands. Myra is seated behind him once more.
I'm scared
You must not be afraid. You have the power within you to overcome. Use this wisely to defend yourself.
Myra looks down on the table at a sword on the table.
Myra walks into her bedroom. She places the case on the counter and puts in the piece of stone. The phone rings and she answers.
A heavy muffled voice is heard on the other end of the line.
If you continue, I will kill you.
He hangs up. Myra slowly places the receiver down and looks around suspiciously.She walks over and sits on the edge of the bed. A hand is seen opening the door from the outside. She spins around to see the door halfway open. She turns back around and faces outside again. A man dressed in black, face covered with a ski mask approaches quickly from behind, places a chord around her neck and begins to choke her from behind. She struggles with him scraping hard at his hand. She reaches for the sword and cuts herself loose, gasping for breath. He lets go and runs out the door quickly. Myra continues to gasp for air.
Myra walks on the road with the case and her sword tucked in her side. She stops and turns as she hears a sudden sound.
Whisper/ Swooshing sound
She diverts and walks across to where the sound is heard. Myra looks ahead of her on the ground. She goes over to a small hole in the rocks and sees a cloth. She opens it to reveal a shield and a piece of rock. She places the shield on her arm. There is a sudden rush of wind. She looks up.
Help me...
She closes her eyes and sees a flash of herself in spiritual warfare garments.
Therefore put on the full armour of God so that when the day of evil comes you may be able to stand your ground

Myra closes the case and stands up. She walks back along the path. The dark man walks out from the trees behind her.
Let's make a deal.
She stops in her tracks, then turns around slowly. She looks at him questioningly. He begins walking towards her slowly. He stops a short distance in front of her.
You can have anything. Just give me the case.
Myra stares at him, looks down at the case and up again. She lifts up her hands and gives him the case. Then slowly turns around. Dark man opens the case and sees a stone in it. In a furious rage, he reaches to his side and drags out his weapon to attack. As he raises his arm to strike her, Myra grabs hold of her sword and screams as she pulls it out. She quickly turns around to block his attack as she raises her other arm. His weapon strikes the shield on her arm, she then strikes at the dark man as the sword pierces his abdomen. Dark man falls to the ground. Myra walks up to the dark man, picks up the case beside him then removes the mask off his face to reveal Damien’s face.
We see Damien in the bar placing a poison pill in her drink. And looking on in a sly manner as she almost takes a drink.
Myra walks away slowly. She goes over to the hole in the rocks. She opens the cloth and takes out the stone and places it in the case to form a cross. She closes the case stands up then walks away.
Myra walks along the road.
When we believe in the power within ourselves and our biggest fears are conquered, we remain undefeated in war.

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