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I'm Jerely Browne, a freelance cinematographer and photographer who founded a service that provides the mentioned skillset for those in need. My Service is called, "Cinephou", a word mixture of the two services provided. Our motto is, “Capture the Moment. Tell a Story,” Member 2 - Allen Mullings Allen Mullings is deeply interested in pursuing after God by all means necessary. He enjoys using his talents in music, mathematics, philosophy and art to bring glory to his Creator. Keenly interested in self-improvement, he devotes much time into examining his own mind and helping others who show similar interests.


Knowledge of God



Artist Statement

An embattled Christian turns to the Lord to fight his drug addiction in the wake of his mother's death. He reflects on his struggles via monologue and spreads light on the nature of spiritual warfare. The focal passage is 2 Corinthians 10:3-6, which highlights the apologetic aspect of spiritual warfare.

How it fits into contest

"Knowledge of God" relates to the contest topic in that it sheds light on a key and oft-neglected aspect of Spiritual warfare - the defeat of every worldview that seeks to deny men their chance of knowing God. Paul, the human author of the focal passage (2 Corinthians 10:3-6) was clearly one of the church's most prominent apologists, so it is to no surprise that he sees that the combative nature of apologetics (for him, reasoning from the Scriptures and nature with Jews and Gentiles) as part of Spiritual Warfare in general.

This same Paul wrote Ephesians 6:10-20, and therefore we can only understand that text on the subject of Spiritual warfare in light of the broader context of his thought - which in his life was heavily apologetic. The armour referred to in Ephesians 6:14-17 can only be properly understood in light of the weapons referred to in 2 Corinthians 10:4.

This apologetic focus is especially important in our times, as never before have the doctrines of our faith come under such intense attack. Secularism, Hedonism, and Naturalism are the weapons our enemy has chosen to defeat us with. This has helped to fuel the array of vices (in our case, drugs) that trap men in sin. We must put on the full armour of God to effectively counter the devil's schemes.


Allen Mullings

Jerely Browne

Man Allen Mullings
Woman Rhonda Allen

Production Assistant Beverly Browne
Production Assistant Jwané Chambers

Music Producer/Engineer
Christum Weekes (Chris Ranger Beatz)

Nia Golden

Transcript / Lyrics

The short opens with a dirty living room scene as a young man walks into frame. He retrieves an item from a backpack appearing to be some form of drug. At the same time, a young woman dressed in a uniform descends a flight of stairs somewhere outside a residential dwelling. She slows her pace upon noticing something through the window of said dwelling and now appears to be concerned. Back in the living room, the young man hesitantly opens the lid to the container holding the drugs. Suddenly, the room door opens rapidly and startles the young man, causing him to spill the drugs along the floor. The young woman from outside is the one who caught him in the act. She yelled, "Again!" which means this moment isn't the first time he's done this.

The scene cuts to the man sitting alone outside in the dead of night while thinking back on the previous situation. We see that a heated argument followed and ended with him storming out of the building, leaving the woman to her thoughts. She reluctantly takes a seat and tries to calm herself. Upon noticing a bible resting on the table in front of her she reaches for it as an internal monologue commences. She mentions that the book belonged to their mother, that mom tried her best to teach them the Knowlege of God. But, now she questions the usefulness of that knowledge, stating that, "all that knowledge couldn't keep her alive."

The scene cuts to a montage sequence showing the young man's conflicting lifestyle, all while he monologues regarding an observation he made about the relationship he shared with his mother. He does his best to be disciplined, he exercises his body with training and his spirit by reading the word of God. But, he still struggles with the demons inside, being unable to resist the drugs, the same drugs that were originally a coping mechanism for the loss of his mother.

Film Lines in order.
"You just barge into people house so!? Wah ham to you, you no have no sense in you head!"
"Yes! You no understand because you never go through nothing nah life"
"This is the book he claims"
"Mom loved it too"
"Right now, I don't know what to believe"
"She spent her whole life trying to teach us about God"
"But all that knowledge didn't keep her alive"
"I use to be interested"
"But now, I don't think I care anymore"
"What is the knowledge of God even good for?"
"I once asked mommy what made her love"
"She answered using her knowledge of God, that God is love and God is in her"
"I've come to see that if she didn't know God"
"Our parting would be less painful"
"But more... Empty"

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