Artist bio

Filmmaker/ Emerging artist competent in producing, directing and editing different types of productions. Perfectionist with charismatic personality and visionary perception as well as a team player. Currently building portfolio of Video and Photo content with aspirations to grow as an professional artist and open her own business in Winnipeg Manitoba. Accomplishments Dubtrak - “Elephant” ( April 2020) Video promotion for new Album release (Vision, Director, Producer, Editor, DOP ) Monkey On My Back" (March 2020) Music video for Winnipeg group "The Smokin' Joes" (Vision, Director, Producer, Editor, DOP) " The Dream Job" (January 2020) Short movie created as a final product of Basic Film Workshop organized by Winnipeg Film Group. (Vision/ Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, DOP) ”Darkness" ( March 2019) Music video for Winnipeg group "The Smokin' Joes" (Vision, Director, Producer, Editor, DOP)


" The Dream Job"

Artist Statement

John Smith appears to be an ordinary man with an ordinary job but his spirit is lost in a void. He has become an empty shell of a man who is programmed to perform his life every day in the same robotic manner. His very last gleam of deeply burried consciousness is sending a message of help to the universe. He is being responded with a gentle touch of an angel woman who shakes his world by planting a seed of life's energy back into his body. John goes through inner turbulence and then into a tunnel of purgatory into complete catharsis.

How it fits into contest

There is a spiritual battle in silent but a severe inner struggle of John's lost soul calling out for help to the higher power.
His dying spirit is accumulating all remaining resorts of life.
John's soul is standing out against the rulers and authorities and against the powers of this dark world.
He is finding his rescue in the heavenly realm when his call for help is answerd with an angel who is arming him with lively powers for his final battle.
John is going through the tunnel of purgatory with his feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace - represented in final scene of the movie with the angel's choir singing and encouraging his inner catharsis.


Written and Directed by
Barbara Tomczyk

Barbara Tomczyk, Michael McNeil

Sound Director/Music Composer
Michael McNeil

Barbara Tomczyk

Director Of Photography
Barbara Tomczyk

First Camera Operator
Dylan Bekkering

Light and Grip
Marcus Bellec

Production Designer
Jessica Landry,Barbara Tomczyk


John Smith- Wesley Peters
John Smith Double- Michael McNeil
Dream Girl- Barbara Tomczyk
PR Lady- Nicole McNeil

Supporting cast

Saxophone Man- Adrian Rzetelski
Lughing Man- Michael McNeil
Blind's Man Bluff- Erica Sanderson
Screaming Man- Artur Winogrodzki
Paper Throwing Man- Nathan DaSilva
Crying Lady- Mary Lising
Lady With The Phone- Yvonne Calliber

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