Antwan Witter

Artist bio

My name is Antwan Witter. I’m 32 years old. I always had a thing with words and bringing a story to life. I love making people laugh. I’m a laid back guy and my determination when I am focused on something is beyond this world. I have been during poetry for over 12 plus years but mostly for fun in my spare time. Im a great husband and super fun Father. I’m big on family. And I love to see people succeed in life.



Losing Faith



Artist Statement

The Film “Losing Faith” shows a man (Antwan) Going through a rough time dealing with his wife’s (Faith) Death. Suicidal thoughts arise and the spiritual war for his soul begins. At this point, The full armor of God is the only thing that can protect him. His Shield of Faith appears at his lowest moment and he realizes the devil schemes. As he puts on the full armor of God He is able to get rid of the evil spirit and out of that dark place in life.

How it fits into contest

In Ephesians it talks about the full armor of God and how you need to be prepared for battle. Antwan being so hurt from losing his wife he drop his helmet of salvation. And at that very moment it was a spiritual battle for his soul.


My Wife Adria Witter and My kids

Music: “escaping forever” from Videoleap.

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Music / Sound Sources

A song called “escaping forever” from Videoleap an app I’m paying for.

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