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Quincy Ward is a Technical Producer , Executive Producer and CEO of SoundMind Productions. Denise Ward is CEO of Caribay Cuisine Kendy Ward is a writer and owns Renaissance Ink



The Family That Prays Together Stays Together



Artist Statement

Our short film is entitled "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood". This is a family that loves each, but every time the group is together an argument always seems to pop up. Here we have the family gathered for dinner and another argument arises. Denise, the peacemaker, has had enough and she decides to call her grandmother for refuge. Her grandmother unleashes her secret weapon prayer and the entire situation turns around.

How it fits into contest

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places. So we cannot fight this battle with natural means. The battle must be won and fought with prayer with a tool we have received for battle.



Peacemaker: Denise
Phil: Philip
Dad: Kenneth
Family at Dinner Table: Trudy
Grandmother: Kendy
Brother: Quincy
Brother’s Family: Shantae

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Created by us or generic background used.
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Track: "Brink" by David Fesliyan

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Transcript / Lyrics

Scene One

Setting: Family around dining room table having dinner

(No Audio. Just Action)

Conversation is happening. Mom or Dad ask one of adult children something and it upsets them. The parent and child beginning to argue. They get up from their seats and gets in each other’s faces. Another family member tries to intervene (this is the peacemaker/intercessor). Adult child angrily exits. Family looks upset. The peacemaker is upset.

Scene Two

(Audio and Action)

Setting: Peacemaker’s bedroom

Peacemaker gets on the phone and calls other family members to ask them to pray for healing in family.

Peacemaker: Daddy and Phil got into a fight again. We can never have family meal without them blowing up. I’m really sick and tired of this. What can we do to make things right between them?

Grandmother: Well, there’s only one thing we can do, and that’s pray. You know the Bible says there is power in agreement. Get your other brother on the line. So, we can pray. (Grandmother is in her home in the living room alone on the phone)

Peacemaker calls brother.

Peacemaker: Brother, Phil and Daddy got into again. I have Grandmother on the line.
She said we should pray for them.

Brother: Ok… Let’s pray.

(Quincy, you can first record you on the phone with Denise. Then record your prayer separate with your family present, agreeing with you. You are still on the phone with Denise and Grandmother with them on speaker)

Grandmother, Peacemaker and Brother are on the line.

Grandmother: Father, we thank you for this family that You have blessed us with. You tell us to honor our parents and that parents should not provoke their children to anger. There’s been some dishonor and provoking going on in the family. We won’t call any names because we know that our battle is not with people but in the spirit.

Brother: So, we come against the spirits of strife, dissention and offense in the name of Jesus. We pray that Dad and Phil have the ears to hear your spirit urging them to forgive and love. (Brother is in his living room with his family. He has his phone on speaker)

Peacemaker: We speak peace over the situation. We speak peace over the hearts and minds. We thank You, Lord, for restoring our family in Jesus name.

Next family dinner. Phil and Dad are laughing. Whole family is happy. Peacemaker whispers thank you Lord.

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