Roman Jaquez

Artist bio

Roman Jaquez is an independent filmmaker. He possesses a vibrant and unique creative vision which carries through to his projects, many of which are centered around telling stories around the world, inspiring people towards growth, inclusivity and unity. His career began in 2004 when he graduated from the Arts Institute of NYC, earning a degree in Interactive Multimedia and Web Design. His skills range from expert knowledge of Apple's Final Cut X, Mac OSX, and Apple Pro Apps. A professional cinematographer, his unique background in both film and design have provided him a unique technical viewpoint. 
 In 2013, he founded Compass Pictures a faith led film production company. Under which, produced and directed the feature length film The Way Forward (2017). The film depicts the intricacies of forgiveness and the father son/daughter relationship. It has gained notoriety on the International film festival circuits including NYC, Rome, Cannes, Malta, Moscow, L.A. and more. Actres, Ashley Elizabeth Lee holds a Bachelor of the Arts in Theatre from Belhaven University. She has spent over twenty years performing in ballets, musicals, plays, and in other areas of the arts. Some of her favorite roles include: performing as a principle dancer with Northeast Ballet Company, Missy in The Marvelous Wonderettes, Tzeitel in Fiddler on the Roof, Elf in Shrek, Eponine in Les Miserables, and Echo in Eleemosynary. She thanks her parents for always supporting her crazy dreams and sends all her love to Spencer, her wonderful husband and constant source of encouragement. Hebrews 12:1-3  Singer, Joyce Im Bartholomew, Worshiper of Jesus.  Mother and wife. Singer and song writer. Newly released “Songs From The Deep” music album.  Movie Executive Producer at Blaze Productions. Volunteer spokesperson and opening act for Pre-Born! (PB) sponsorship concerts.  My heavenly Father receives all the credit and glory for everything good that is happening!


Battle Is Spiritual


Alternative / Indie

Artist Statement

It is based off of Ephesians 6:12. Although the music video addresses drug addiction and the spiritual battle involved there, the song is meant to apply to the greater spiritual battle all around us daily. The story is a modern interpretation of the parable of the Prodigal Son.

How it fits into contest

The production is inspired by Ephesians 6:12 and the power of prayers


Singer: Joyce Im Bartholomew
Actress: Ashley Elizabeth Lee
Supporting roles:
Drug dealer: Spencer Lee
Writer, Producer, Director, Cinematographer and Editor: Roman Jaquez

How to Purchase this Artwork

Is part of an album and also solo. Available in iTunes and other music distributors.

Transcript / Lyrics

Battle is Spiritual 2-29-16
(Tuned down half step to Eb)
And I'll fight, fight, fight C
With all my might, might, might D And I pray, yes, I pray Em-B
The scales will fall off my eyes Em To see every disguise C
I need to resist, Em or D?
Not cease and desist, C
The struggle is supernatural C-D-Em The battle is spiritual C-D-Em
Not against flesh and blood, we fight But in the power of His might,
That we survive the darkest night.
Hold up the shield, the battle is real.
C- Am- Em x4
Can’t see it, but it exists C-Am-Em x4 Evil torments and persists
Anger rises, we clench our fists
When trials come, it leaves me numb
But I pray, I pray C-D
The scales will fall off my eyes Em To see every disguise C
I need to resist, Em or D?
Not cease and desist, C
The struggle is supernatural C-D-Em The battle is spiritual C-D-Em
Man is not the enemy G Resist the devil, he will flee D His Word my sword Em It is written...Christ is Lord C
And we’ll fight, fight, fight With all our might, might, might (sung 4X)
Same as above, but last line sung 3X

Copyrights © Blaze Productions 2016 

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