Kevin Wiley

Artist bio

KEVIN WILEY (Composer/Lyricist) is a singer, songwriter, and prolific musician. His bluegrass band, Traveling Light, performs in venues across the Niagara Peninsula. He first teamed up with producer Roberto Munoz in the 1980s to promote rock concerts and became Technical Director for the music festival, Freedom 88. In 2006, Kevin met up again with his long-time friend and became a gaffer on several of his feature films. He has been and currently is Worship Leader and Elder at Ridgeville Bible Chapel. ROBERTO MUNOZ (Producer) has worked in the entertainment industry since 1985; first as a music festival promoter and then in live theatre. By 2006, he turned to filmmaking. He has produced and is still working on a variety of other film projects, including UNDER JAKOB'S LADDER, and most recently a short documentary called JUST ISAAC. MANN MUNOZ (Director) is one of the creative team behind such musicals as Job and the Snake which has been performed on stages from Toronto to Los Angeles to New York City. He later turned to directing independent film projects such as UNDER JAKOB’S LADDER, LAZER US, and LOST PENNY. DAVE DEMERS (Vocalist) is a world-class singer who has performed on a variety of stages in the Greater Toronto area. His roles include Job in the rock musical Job and the Snake and Mordecai in Purim Day.


I'll Boast of You


Gospel / Inspirational

Artist Statement

I wrote I’LL BOAST OF YOU some years ago after a long period struggling with depression. This song helped me voice a realization that my only hope and help come from outside of myself—from Jesus.

When I saw the call for submissions for this contest, I immediately dusted the song off and went to some long-time friends-turned-filmmakers to turn it into a music video. We created a motif of the image of a soldier-warrior, cast through the eyes of a child. Because that’s ultimately what we are—children of God. As we struggle through life, we can only boast in the grace and mercy of a loving God.

How it fits into contest

I’LL BOAST OF YOU depicts the heartfelt response of a child of God living through the spiritual battles of life… determined to use the whole armor of God: the shield of faith, the sword of the spirit, and the shoes of the gospel. But as a warrior, he can boast of nothing save what God has done for him. It is only when he reaches the end of his journey that he is able to lay down the armor in order to trade it for a heavenly garment of glory.


Composer/Lyricist: Kevin Wiley
Director/Editor: Mann Munoz
Producer: Roberto Munoz
Associate Producers: Tim Millar, Martin Munoz
Cast: Noah Munoz
Supporting Cast: Seth Palmer, Sophia Munoz, Olivia Munoz, Kevin Wiley
Vocalist: David Demers
Backup Vocals: Mayumi Yoshida
Piano: Kevin Wiley
Additional Music: Miq Munoz
Videographers: Maria Antonia, Mann Munoz
Production Manager: Jill M. Munoz
Production Assistants: Seth Palmer, Olivia Munoz
Artwork: Danny Molek

Transcript / Lyrics

By Kevin Wiley

I will not lay my armour down,
Or this sword, while in this warfare.
In the heat of the battle,
With the shield of faith I stand.
I lift my cross upon my shoulder
And I dare not look behind me.
I count on You for all my strength, Lord,
With You I cannot fail.
I cast myself upon Your mercy,
For I've left a weary trail,
I have nothing left to boast of,
But You, my Lord alone.

I’ll boast of You. I'll boast of You.
I'll boast of You for all You've done, Lord.
I’ll boast of You. I'll boast of You.
I'll boast of You until the end.

I dare not count the wounds or scars,
I have collected on this journey,
But help me see the wounds of Jesus,
The stripes from which I'm healed.
The struggles from within me, Lord,
Far exceed the ones around me,
And my sword is such a mirror,
There’s no pride in what I see.
You see me covered in Your splendor,
And Your righteous robes around me,
You love me more than I can know, Lord,
I’ll boast forever of Your love. [chorus]

And when I finally reach the River,
I will set this armour down,
And remember how it armed me,
To glorify Your name.
And I will think of all the warriors,
all the ones right by my side
And I will not forget the Captain,
Who to victory led us on.
And then, eternally forever,
I’ll exalt and lift Your name,
I will declare and boast forever,
Forever just the same. [chorus]

I’ll boast of You. I'll boast of You, my Lord.
I'll boast of You. I'll boast of You, my Lord.

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