Artist bio

I go by Big Cam I Am. I'm a big guy named Camron Smith who takes the 'I Am' with me everywhere I go. I am the creator of a comedy group known as Churchify The World. I film, edit, and produce sketches, music, and the like. I have been making music for twenty years, but only recently began releasing it. I love God and have been dedicated for the cleansing work of our Savior Jesus Christ for most of my life. I have been creating social media Christian comedy for the last four years.


Armor of Love'

Artist Statement

This music video is made to depict the thoughts of a Christian in the year 2020. This has been the most unsettling of times. A lot of people have had their faith tested as we have lost so many due to Covid-19. On top of that our Country has been overtaken by social unjust. Hopefully this song will remind everyone, where their strength, protection, love, and security come from.

How it fits into contest

The song starts out with the wonderings of a christian, to which God answers. The second verse presents a renewed minded Christian ready to share with others how to equip themselves with the Whole Armor of God. The vamp of the song, provides support and prayer for those as the prep for their journey.


Music- Camron Smith
Vocals- Camron Smith
Lyrics- Camron Smith
Video Editing- Camron smith
Photography- U.S. News

Transcript / Lyrics

-Just a few questions...

Verse 1
-My mind was afloat.
-I was trying to find a scripture to quote.
-Now was it a joke?
-Or was it a dream, I was tryna stay woke?
-I'm feeling alone,
-even when me and my family are sitting at home.
-People were healthy and now they are gone.
-Lord can you hear us? What did we do wrong?

-You left yourself unprotected. It takes more than a mask.
-I restore plants in the Spring. To Me you're much more than grass.
-When you are planting for harvest, it's common to use gloves.
-I am waiting for you to put on My Armor of Love.

Verse 2
-I figured it out.
-There's one simple cause for all of my doubt.
-We don't wrestle flesh and blood, the principalities of war is what it's about.
-So since Imma fight,
-with spiritual rulers of darkness in sight.
-I'm bringing the Light.
-Our Truth is in Christ.
-His Breastplate is Right.
-Feet shod & prepped like a pedicure.
-I hope you understand the metaphor.
-Or at least the Peace that I'm standing for.
-I'm shielded by Faith.
-He's blocking all darts. I'm sure to escape.
-My Helmet keeps me Saved.
-Got my Sword by my side, cause he's lurking for prey.

-My prayer is you persevere in the Spirit of our King above.
-Don't go one moment without, putting on His Armor of Love.
-Putting on His Armor of Love.
-Put on His Armor of Love.

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