Ana Rivera

Artist bio

I'm a female film music composer from Guatemala, currently travelling to search for new projects and oportunities. I like to refer to myself as a storyteller, since I have a passion for stories regarding the beauty and intricacies of the human existence.


Time Writer

Artist Statement

Miquel finds himself encountering her daughter after a long time without seeing her. They share a beautiful moment playing the piano as they used to do in the past. Time is warm but... is it all real or just a vivid memory?

How it fits into contest

Pain and yearning are a big part of life and represents our primal reason for doubting good, kindness and existence itself. Our suffering is the turning point for the decisions we make, how honest we decide to live after a dramatic event. That is our main spiritual battle, a fight between good and evil just right inside ourselves.

In this video featuring composition "Time Writer" we see a father and his daughter, with her delicate presence lingering even after she might not be around anymore. Precious moments stay as proof of the greatness in a relatively short moment on earth.


Sophie Kuba: Director, music composer, music arranger, production designer, editing.
Louisa Maldonado: Director of Photography
María José Secchi: Director of Photography
Fabián Castro: Actor
Carolina Gard: Actress

How to Purchase this Artwork

Soundtrack EP album available on iTunes, Spotify and digital stores.
Price varies.

Transcript / Lyrics

No Lyrics.

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