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Maurice Griffin stepped into Gospel Music by singing with Stellar Award winning, Dove and Grammy nominated group New Direction, under the leadership of Percy and Jeral Gray, in Chicago, IL. Griffin leads worship at the Gospel Music Workshop of America. Since being featured as a finalist on Season 2 of BET’s Sunday Best, the powerhouse vocalist has elevated into an International Gospel Artist. Maurice currently resides in Houston, TX, yet serves as Minister of Music at Praises of Zion Church in Los Angeles, CA, where Joe. B Hardwick is pastor. Griffin has 3 albums out, “I Am Somebody”, “Believer”, and “My Holiday Project.” Griffin’s newest single “Prove Me I’m Yours” is a perfect masterpiece from his new album release “After God’s Own Heart.” Listening to him on radio/social media can be powerful and emotional, but in person it’s another level. Enjoy and experience the ministry of Maurice Griffin.


Hear Us


Gospel / Inspirational

Artist Statement

Hear Us is a prayer concerning issues we face day to day. A mother without a job trying to feed her hungry daughter, a middle class man battling battling with drug addiction, a young lady whose homeless sleeping under a tree looking for signs of survival are all signs of a silent cry of help, just when church group in the park is have a prayer day and blessings begin to take place with such individuals, just to be invited to a night of worship featuring Maurice Griffin singing "Hear Us," that which relates to all people of color and race, an art of good vs. evil to keep hope alive.

How it fits into contest

The Music Video shares many examples of how dark powers can be at war in our lives; but in the end, the video creates how through the love of Christ, good always win. The battle begins when a setback occurs or a pre-existing condition is in place where our flesh is either satisfied or filled with lack of confidence, unable to handle life with true purpose. Prayer is presented in the video as is a weapon of warfare; it support faith in giving hope to those who stress over daily obstacles. The freedom of choice is presented in the video when a man decides to turn down drugs in attempt to turn his life around. A concert is presented in the video showcasing how God connects the dots in everyone lives, though we all have silent cries, it's through an art of spiritual worship we can unite and create a sound of public honor, declaring the help we need to survive this spiritual battle of good vs. evil. God's mystery in this music video is knowing I have access to the whole armor of God. This video showcases how good (prayer and faith) can activate our protection (the whole armor of God) through the Word (God through Christ Jesus), giving us the key to winning A Spiritual Battle.


Hear Us by Maurice Griffin: Artist and Executive Producer of Music Video. Written by (Amante Lacey) (C) 2012 Champion Band Publishing (BMI) and Arranged by (Maurice Griffin) (C)/(P) 2014 MGM Chicago Music Group (BMI). Video Produced by (Theadford Christian) of Jacksonville, FL. Musical Work Available on Digital Stores Everywhere

How to Purchase this Artwork

Hear Us can be purchase digitally
Distribution: iTunes / Amazon
Price: $7.92
Album: Believer EP Project
Songs: 8
Released: 2014
Genre: Christian/Gospel

Transcript / Lyrics

This is our song and prayer 2x
Lord hear us 2x

This is our song of worship2x
Lord hear us2x

Hear our hearts, hear our praise
Hear our voices rise up to you
Hear our song, let our worship kiss your face
In this atmosphere 2x

We want to hear you 2x
In this atmosphere 2x

We want to feel you 2x
In this atmosphere 2x

Hear us 6x
In this atmosphere 2x

Send down your power 2x
In this atmosphere 2x

Hear us 6x

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