Artist bio

Hi , we área Christian rock band , me and My cousin Juan Carlos Iraheta Samuel estrada Iraheta





Artist Statement

Well i create a progresión in guitar , then Star to improvisation over it and took the Best parts and join them, i like the music so mucho that. I just put a few words into the song..

How it fits into contest

If You see the vídeo has a sensei of something weird going on un the planeta , the tornado , us disolving , etc but we try to project that we are doing normal stuff like playing with a dog ir me deinking mate because we feel safe , because god is our armor , so,.extrange things happening around us un the vídeo but we look calm and happy


Conposer, lyrics . Juan Carlos Iraheta, drums, samples : Samuel estrada Iraheta , supoorting cast Rodrigo Iraheta

Transcript / Lyrics

Take me , take me

We , aaallllll.....

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