Artist bio

I am a 32 yr old gospel rap artist who goes by the name Q7 who love to spread the powerful unfailing news of Jesus through all of my music.I am a loving father of two babies. I was born and raised in the Sweet Onion City of Vidalia Ga. I am the oldest of seven children and I started making music at the age of 7. I got saved in 2010 in Killeen TX right after I got out the army. Now I'm in Alabama working hard to pursue my music career and leave an inheritance for my children and their children.


Corona Nurses

Artist Statement

This song is about the devastating effects of Covid-19. The video shows hard working nurses who are battling against the virus to heal those infected and putting their lives at risk. I used a video maker on my laptop to place all of the pictures aligned with my lyrics to give a real depiction of what these heroes are going through. This video fits in to my canon of work because it is a powerful message that has the possibility to bring awareness and touch who ever listens and sees. Hopefully it will lead to immediate prayer for these incredible, selfless men and women who has left their families to answer the screaming call of duty.

How it fits into contest

Covid-19 is an evil spirit that these nurses are battling through prayer and hands on warfare. Even in the midst of their fight they have faith that e everything is going to be alright because they believe in a power higher than themselves.



How to Purchase this Artwork

Corona Nurses will be on sale in August 2020 whenever the complete album "Q7 is Blessed" comes out on every major platform.

Transcript / Lyrics

Life's a challenge (yeah)
Times are easy times are hard to
Find a balance (yeah)
That's why Jesus got involve cause
All lives matter (yeah)
If you know the gospel better let somebody know
You just might save a soul.

Trying to get by, stuck in these times
Can't stop crying, water coming down
Trapped in the house, cause of this virus
People are dying, losing their lives
Doctors trying, working overtime
At their job, losing their minds
Can't walk out, might get fired
Man I pray God that this virus die.

This is as real as it gets
No anti- bacteria
This is getting serious
Living off this stimulus
This a brand new year and it's
Bloody like a period
But we gotta deal wit it
We just wanna live again.

We just wanna chill again
Feel the wind on an island just like Gilligan
Hooligans on the block wanna deal again
It's like we haven't learned our lesson cause we're still in sin
When they opened up the stores we went running in
When they opened up the city we went from one to ten
We forgot about the damage that corona did
Nurses crying on social media like what is this.......
What is this they must like hospital beds they must like suffering
Jesus take the wheel cause it ain't no help in them
We surrender to you Lord you are welcomed in.

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