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Live and Laugh, but most importantly…Love”. This is a favourite life quote of this educator, advocate and spoken word artiste, Jalisa. From as far back as primary (elementary) school, Jalisa started writing poems, however, she made her debut on stage in 2015 at the Performing Arts segment of Kingdom Arts Barbados. Since then, Jalisa has taken her artistry to various circles, creating spoken word pieces and rhythm poetry covering a range of themes. She has performed at concerts, church and participated in competitions, open mic events or wherever she gets the opportunity to express her passion for words, rhythm, and rhymes. Inspired by local and international artistes, Jalisa plans to continue writing pieces that express, entertain, educate, encourage, and edify.


Are You Fully Dressed?


Spoken Word

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A metaphorical piece with a mighty message. In this piece entitled “Are You Fully Dressed?” I begin with a scenario which is directed to the audience to show how a person may pay close attention to how they are physically dressed and then how they should pay attention to how they are dressed for a spiritual battle. The vision for the piece was for me to drive home the main message of the contest’s theme in a creative and relatable way. In writing the piece, I utilized a myriad of literary devices such as metaphor, visual imagery, simile, rhetorical questions, allusion and of course, rhyme! Although several devices are used, the main messages are not cryptic, making it more feasible to understand for international audience.

How it fits into contest

This piece is the embodiment of the theme as it is directly inspired by the contest’s scriptural focus. I explore the idea that humans should prepare for spiritual battles with the same care and thought that they might when dressing to impress physically. The piece provides a few practical ways in which we are engaged in physical battles in our everyday lives and delves into each part of the armor of God, touching on specifically why each part is important in the overall spiritual battle. It ultimately highlights prayer as the key to helping us to fight with the armor of God.


Jalisa Josiah- Writer, Videographer, Editor
Oein Josiah- Feedback Provider

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Before you step foot out of the door, do you look into the mirror to ensure that you are properly dressed? Do you dare step outside into the world without looking your utmost best? Do you ascertain that you can maintain a proper appearance in adherence to your style with finesse? Pockets perfectly placed; pleats properly pressed? Jacket on point, matching pants, shoes, socks and vest?
Yes! You are now ready to compete in the war of the physique on the battleground of facebook, and I.G. But what about the battle spiritually? Are you fully clothed with the armor of G.O.D?

How well dressed are you to face the devil’s schemes?
And here are some practical examples of what I mean.
Workplace confrontations with your colleagues.
When conflict is inflicted amongst your group of homies.
The corruption caused by powers placed in authority.
Discord amongst the members of your family.
Verbal attacks from the spouse whom the Lord has given thee.
You see… Satan would have you deceived and make you believe that any animosity is a fight that you should handle physically.
Stop fighting those around you…. Those are NOT your enemies.
The fight you are fighting is one of the unseen.
The war is not one of sticks and stones, and human artillery.
For our battle is NOT against the flesh, but against powers and principalities.

So, are you fully dressed? Is your belt in place, sitting tightly around your waist with the biblical truth that you lean on day by day.
And like superman’s “S” on his chest, do you have the plate on your breast with thoughts and deeds aligned with God’s righteousness?
And take a peek down at the shoes on your feet. Are they fitted right and fastened with the Gospel of Peace?
And what about your faith, the conviction of things not seen? Is it the shield helping you to withstand the fiery darts of the enemy?
Is the helmet sitting like a crown on your head? To turn away from unworthiness and receive his salvation instead?
Would you remember to grab the spiritual sword, that stands to represent the power of God’s Word.
And are you remembering to pray? That’s how you will activate the armor. Cause when you need the strength to fight, the best thing to do is to consult the fashion designer.
And remember… Whatever happens in the world of the physical is in continuous war with the world of the invisible, but the battle is not impossible.
And though without doubt, it will truly be a test.
The most important thing to remember is that you must be FULLY dressed.
Are you fully dressed?

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