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Traci Neal is a Youth Author, Professional Christian Poet, and Certified Youth Speaker. She has been featured in The New York Times, Sheen Magazine, InspireMore, Storyberries, Reading With Your Kids Podcast, and CNBC Make It. She is the third-place 2022 State Winner of the SCCDA Poetry and Art Contest.


Within Ourselves


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

As a poet, my desire is to always inspire. When I am transparent and open about my emotions, people feel a connection to my words. In my poem, I want individuals to believe I am talking directly to them.

How it fits into contest

The poetic performance goes through a process of connection similar to the connection one develops with God in Ephesians 6:10-20. The poet's face is closer to the viewer to create a strong display of connection and emotions. A person putting on the armor of God has a closer connection to him and the relationship is then made stronger.


My husband, Zachary Neal deserves credit for this video. He was very patient with me during my mess-ups in my poetic piece. I had difficulty trying to maintain my focus at times. We were at a public park. The wind was blowing loudly and there were a good bit of people there. All of that can be distracting, but my husband kept encouraging me every step of the way. I am grateful for my husband being the “behind the scenes” person to highlight my poetry in the best light.

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I am a youth author. I currently have three books. Two books are a part of my children’s book series, Lynn Learns Lessons. Target readers are eight to twelve years old. The third book is a poetry collection of poems I wrote in my middle and high school years. It is called, Begin Within & Win and it is for middle to high school age students.

I am also a local performing poet in Columbia, SC. I can be found in the One Columbia artist directory. I am willing to perform virtually. You can go to my website for book purchases. For poetry bookings, contact me through either my website or by my business email Then, I can further discuss my fees and standards.

Please be aware. Since I value professionalism and respect in the highest regard, I will determine whether or not I can work with an individual(s).

Music / Sound Sources

Free music downloads on Wondershare Filmora X (video software)

Transcript / Lyrics

We want the government to clear the air
And make life all fair,
But the truth of the matter is,
They don’t really care.
Young girls are having babies
And some are catching diseases like a dog with rabies.
We’re living in times for certainties
And not mights or maybes.
See, I could lay around with every guy,
Lie about what I do.
Still, to you, I say, “Change begins within ourselves.”

My health and your health,
It's far more important than wealth.
Men are having intercourse casually,
Yet the battle to me is a child who
Has to live without a father that can’t
Treat them the way that it's supposed to be.
Kids are in broken homes,
While they roam the streets for something to eat
And sadly some meet death in the face
Toward the heat.

The schools have no protection from violent
Inspections, bad rejections, and dangerous infections.
I choose to be a minority, not a majority
And let God reign in my life,
So he can have full authority.
Within ourselves, we must express wanting to be
Blessed. Let loose of the stress
And start to confess that we are somebody
With nothing less.
Crimes with gangs, murder, robbery, and shoot-outs
Are making me want to shout out loud
To say we can have better,
But let’s stop having doubts.

Money is what my generation hungers for,
So I want to pour into the minds that want
To hold onto their treasures
And keep them as a store.
We could wait, debate, and hate what
The government does,
Yet then, it will be too late.
We have to stand up,
Fill every heartache to the top of its cup,
And drink love’s purity while we let it sup.

Within ourselves,
Youth need to want an education,
Have an imagination,
And a fascination to learn.
Within ourselves,
Women and girls should carry themselves
Well in order to tell guys
Their bodies weren’t made for sale.
Within ourselves,
Baby daddies would take care of
Their responsibilities
And never reminisce about
All the different possibilities.
Within ourselves,
Fathers and mothers would love their kids
And not be out to get rid of their happiness
Until it is taken for a bid.
Within ourselves,
Children won’t get raped because the cape
Will be taken of the mindset of
That of a wild ape.
Within ourselves,
Youth will not steal, kill, or deal with
Feeling alone
Because together we can make problems
Be gone and move on.

Just take the time to look within
And realize, we as individuals,
We can win!
We don’t have to reach the pin.
Let’s give ourselves a chance
To have the best life till the end.

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