Artist bio

I love different forms of the Arts. It gives a feel of expression,gifts and purpose to God's Glory.




Spoken Word

Artist Statement

My artwork is poetry. The meaning behind my poetry,is the willingness to walk this life with Christ,knowing the difficulties that will be faced. Knowing that the Lord is with me through it all.

How it fits into contest

My art work is about the Spiritual battle of Ephesians 6:10-20 as it relates to knowing the Lord is your strength. Nothing is done with out the Lord's guidance, and the will to face and overcome the adversity.


My Church Home. For always giving a word of wisdom, to speak the truth and not unwavering.

Music / Sound Sources

No music just my camera phone.

Transcript / Lyrics

I am a soldier with the army of yours Lord. The enemy fights against your people,this is a mind and spirit of centuries old. I will grab hold of the power from thee Oh Lord, you created me to strong. The selective traits I care are true by design. Your adversary branches out through a broken system,with the privilege,social states and opportunity to thrive. That which lack the importance to exist and live the color of mine. Your my armour and shield, Lord as I battle the scene yet unseen,like clock work or on demand,
As I Bob and weave at the darts headed my way,I know you stand right by my side. My inner peace assurance and grace to do my very best,and say yes I can. Your kingdom come,thy will be done. Lead me Oh Lord. Light my path through this fortress of darkness,as I speak freely and boldly, with truth to your word on earth as it is in heaven we have won. Amen.

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