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I'm currently a student at DePaul University majoring in elementary education. I'm a big fan of poetry, different cultures and the arts. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, exercising, hanging out with friends and volunteering. I currently volunteer for 2 organizations which cater to at-risk youth. One of them is called Concerned Christian Men and the other is called By The Hand Club For Kids. I have a heart for the youth because I struggled a lot with academics as I was growing up. I'd like to impart the knowledge and life skills necessary to empower young children who have the odds stacked against them.


Synchronous Planes


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

This is a video I made using royalty free stock footage from Canva and Story Blocks which discusses the two co-existing realities that urban youth face in underserved communities. I used the title Synchronous Planes because synchronous means occurring at the same time and plane means a certain level of existence. The students I serve are faced with certain choices each day that suburban kids don't really encounter. If there isn't enough guidance, the urban youth can find themselves trapped in the negative plane where their life becomes a downward spiral. Currently, they don't receive the best education and they're surrounded by gangs, violence, drugs and many other negative influences. I know that the truth is very hard to look at but the aforementioned subjects are constantly present. I currently volunteer for 2 organizations which attempt to solve this issue by providing after-school support as well as crisis and compassion outreach programs. Whenever I head down to volunteer at either of these organizations, I feel as if I'm giving energy to the plane that God wants to exist for them. I believe that children become what they see and my artwork depicts the battle that they struggle with. Through these organizations I volunteer for, they have the opportunity to have a brighter outlook and consider a path that leads to a more abundant life. I have a different version of this video which looks better but it's over the time limit. I had to edit this one so it could stay within the time limit.

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My artwork is about the Spiritual Battle because it depicts the struggle that young urban children face in marginalized communities. The temptation to drop out and join a gang or sell drugs is very high because there's a sizable amount of kids doing this already. In order to avoid the spiritual forces of evil, the children need a shepherd, or shepherds, who can lead them down the right path. The best way to show support is for God's servants to empower the youth by equipping them with the life skills they need to flourish. Support delivered in this form can steer children away from the devil's schemes and help them develop their faith.



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It's only me reciting the lyrics.

Transcript / Lyrics

Young child I’m here to lead the way

Here to make sure you don’t go astray

Don’t worry there’ll be better days

If you need me just don’t hesitate

You feel like you’re stranded on an island

All because your learning gap has widened

Sitting there suffering in silence

So who do you turn to for guidance?

Getting tempted to break the rules

You meet kids who dropped out of school

They make quick money which seems real cool

If you want to seal your fate, they’ll give you the tools

Now that you’ve made this collaboration

You wind up in the wrong situation

Giving up on your education

Has led to a police investigation

You’ve been convicted of a crime

So you have to do the time

All because you fell behind

If only there was another design

Can you picture getting help after class?

Gaining knowledge that you need to pass

Exploring subjects that lead to different paths

And never backing down from any task

You can focus on your mind, body and soul

Set yourself up for different goals

Start taking on leadership roles

You’ll succeed wherever you go

Now you see the synchronous planes in sight

One plane is wrong one plane is right

Can I lead you from the darkness to the light?

Expose you to a future that’s very bright

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