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My name is Monica Harrison. I'm a spoken word artist born in The Lowcountry, SC, now residing in Charlotte NC. I started writing poetry at a young age but began the spoken word ministry around 2014. I've performed on numerous stages on the east coast, committed to sharing Jesus through poetry and storytelling. Spoken Word Artist - Monica Harrison Supporting Cast- Diamond Harrison and Aimee Harrison Producer/Videographer - Antonio Harrison


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I am a spoken word artist that uses storytelling and real life experiences to minister the gospel to various audiences.
For this project, a good friend and fellow spoken word artist, Valentina Moore, joined me to get an important message across.

The message is about current and future possibilities. It's a warning to be ready to fight and stand when necessary. Though it may not be easy, being aware could be the reminder that an army needs to be victorious.

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This piece relates to Ephesians 6:10-20 in so many ways. It's gives awareness that there is a battle, a war going on. And it may not look like combat boots on the ground but it looks like the decisions you have to make daily. The stances you have to decide on... will the Word be your foundation and guiding post... And if the entire world is in opposition to that....will you still be ready to fight and stand your ground against the wiles of the enemy.


Spoken Word Artists:
Monica Harrison
Valentina Moore

Antonio Harrison, ImageForce Studios

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They said my body, my choice when it comes to stopping heartbeats before first breaths, But now my body is no longer my choice. All in the name of mandates. Our fates don't belong to us anymore.
Well, I say somebody needs to call their bluff. Somebody needs to stand up and slap the money out of their mouths like a rebel with cause, like a rebel with a sword and a God that'll shake up a nation hell bent on building towers that resemble temple, but lacks the power. Did somebody pulled the fire alarm, y'all I smell smoke, and I hear rumors of war started on boardroom floors lies in exchange for lives, willing to abandon what should be common for an illusion of back to normal.
The normal seems to look like division with no equal groups. Seems that race wasn't enough of a factor to multiply the amount of hate needed to divide it, so why not throw in some other variables resembling vaccinated versus unvaccinated, Democrat versus Republican?
Did you take the red or blue pill?
But this ain't no matrix, and you can't escape making a decision by ignoring the wisdom crying out from this corrupt system. Babylon is falling. Will you fall with it? Will you drown with it?
He said the rain are coming,
but we say the rains are here. Now is when cruise ships turn to war vessels.
Sunday congregations turned to armies, at least those who were strong enough to stand the winds when others found it easier to comply. We're just trying to save them.
We're trying to save you. To shake you, to wake you. To remind you that if you don't stand for righteousness, you may lose your seat at the table in the presence of your enemy. And our enemy is not flesh and blood. So don't think that social media posts are the only things that you are called to judge. You are called to testify as a witness of a greater truth.
Truth is when Noah heard the voice of God, he obeyed, stayed committed to the only truth that could save him. And whether or not the animals came whether or not the nations followed his warning, he knew the rains were coming.
We know the rains are falling
and the water only gets deeper from here.
So do you stand in the water hoping you'll be able to swim, or do you seek refuge before the tide comes before the time comes
when bullets become the next vaccine for those who stand for truth,
when waves of persecution knock violently on your front door will you act as if you didn't hear the boarding call?
And will you stand on the sidelines and watch freedom sail away into the sunset?
Just trying to tell you the rains are here.

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