Marina Parks

Artist bio

I started painting about 3 years ago as a way to escape. I was going through some emotional and physical issues, so to take my thoughts away I decided to paint a picture. It ended up horrible and the worst I even had no idea how to clean my hands and brushes from oil painting. I cleaned it with water and soap, ended up with paint all over myself. Well, I’m stubborn, so I’ve decided to make it work. I googled and went on YouTube to learn some essentials about oil painting. I found 10 week class program in Savannah GA with Karen Bradley, finished those. And the more I tried, the better results I had. I was painting landscapes and still life. Last year, when I moved to NC I decided to paint human body, face and it’s an amazing experience.



Artist Statement

When I'm painting, I'm not thinking about anything. I'm here. I am in my "secret garden". And the feeling is a sensation of being away from myself, from the whole world. It gives me peace and strength to move forward.

How it fits into contest

I always wanted to be able to send a message to those who struggle and my art allows me to do it. The Message of this painting is spiritual war we are all facing. It's better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. This world is a battlefield full of contradictions. It wants to defeat you. It wants you to succeed. And your main enemy is your closest friend. It is yourself.
We face a spiritual war every day. God has given us His Word and spirit so that we will have the wisdom and protection to stand against our enemy.
Confront the dark parts of yourself. Fight your demons. Trust your Guardian Angel to look after you. Then the victory will be yours.


I did all the work myself.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Type of work: a unique original
Purchase price: $1850

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