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Born and raised in Nebraska, John Bergmeier now resides in North Carolina. Coming from the American heartland, John traces the roots of his inspiration back to his Christian upbringing, and considers his faith an integral part of his art and of his motivation. He states, “I am increasingly becoming more confident and daring in expressing my Christian faith through my art, that and to touch the emotions of people is what I strive for.”


Studies of Hamartia


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Intent upon connecting the visual arts to God’s Word…I am inspired by various verses and Biblical stories. I think it’s perfectly acceptable and God pleasing to produce artwork that is simply inspired by faith…but to also teach, preach and share the gospel is the highest good. My work typically includes imagery from nostalgic sources vindicating my personal memories and wistful emotions.  Multi-layered, not only with antique line art and purposeful texts but also with the colors themselves.  This type of layering and use of multiple images lends itself to the idea of a confusing and complicated life this side of eternity, but still looking forward to “feel the Son’s embrace”.
I have a standard palette of colors that I rely on for most of my prints.  These also are intended to imply this vintage if the colors are pulled directly from my Aunt Erna's living room in Beatrice, Nebraska.  A personal favorite is a red-brown that is a mix of the red of Harry Lottman's discarded Velvet tobacco can and the burgundy of the rusting farm implement behind his barn. Lastly, in addition to these solid colors, I frequently use metallic inks, especially gold, to imply a religious and heavenly connection to the overall narrative.

How it fits into contest

describe sins the we commit, even if we’re trying to do what Good commands but fall short.
These little studies (5” x 7.5”) are primarily screen prints adhered in triptych format to suggest a comparison between our sins of commission, sins we do, not only the sins we’re born with…and this sinful status that is sent away by God through the faith that he gives us. Visually they can also relate to the distinct bands of an arrow’s target.
Paul wrote to the Ephesians the encouragement that God gives them…to be strong and confident because of God’s almighty power that will be with us. Verse 16 speaks of the “flaming arrows of the Evil One” that we can think of as being deflected with the shield of faith.
Lastly, these words also serve as needed reminders to be alert to theses arrows, to daily take up the full armor of God and to always pray for those that speak the Gospel message.


Artwork created solely by John Bergmeier.

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Type of work: a unique original
Purchase price: $300

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