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My name is Taari and I have been illustrating off and on since very young. I went to school for 3d animation and began painting only a couple years ago. I got saved in 2015 and baptized in 2016. In september 2015 my life changed forever. Though I have always been a very spiritual person with strong morals and ethics, I was soul searching and like many of us, I was trying to find my purpose in life. I was a sinner, knowingly or unknowlingly- the truth is, I was. I went through relationships and Jobs and It was difficult for me to find happiness. After a failed relationship in aug 2015, I began to truly reevaluate my life and look deeper into myself. I changed my diet and went vegan and began to look at all things differently and then it all happened... God made his way into my life on Sept 23 2015. In my tiny little NYC apartment at 3am on my living room floor, for the first time ever I gave myself to the Lord. On the floor and in front of the TV, listening to a sermon which I felt was speaking directly to me, I was led through Christ's prayer and while in tears, my heart opened right up. I FELT so much lighter, I was amazed. My life hadnt been the same since. I was becoming a completely different person and then tragedy struck my family. My baby sister who had just turned 25 that september, committed suicide in November, before my birthday. Ive never felt such pain in my life before losing the very little girl that I grew up doing everything with. She was gone and I didnt even have a chance to try and help her. The way I looked at life and the light of things, was different- I never looked at life the same, again. There had to be a deeper meaning to this life and the timing of which God came into my life. He made me strong and I became the vessel and strength for my family too. I became closer to God through it all, I found a church and my prayer became stronger. I was the strength for my parents. I did my first painting ever of my little sister for her resting place and thats when I realized how much I enjoyed it and how much others appreciated my artwork. Once returning to work, nothing seemed real. I later left my job and struggled to find another. I grew in faith but the process has been a rollercoaster and it required learning a lot about myself and things I had to surrender over in order better understand God and for him to work through my life. Financially, I began to fall. Finding jobs that werent toxic for me(as a bartender in NYC, it was difficult), and artistically, work was stagnant as I had boundaries as to what I would create as to not offend the Lord. IT has not been easy. My finances soon became too harsh to maintain alone in NYC and so; I decided to leave my manhattan apartment once and for all and move south to be closer to my parents. I felt God was leading me out of the city for some reason and i am thankful to God thatbI did. I moved to NC in 2016 with my mom. After losing my sister in 2015 and then my dads Aunt in 2016 to a brain tumor, my parents were in really bad shape and in low spirits. Both always very depressed and sad and the holidays became a burden. Slowly but surely, I witnessed them healing. They saw my faith was strong and they too began to grow closer to the Lord. I watched my dad walk the stage with honors and live his life to become a chef and was on his way to opening up his own restaurant and my mother began to smile a little more. God truly had his hand on our lives and then tragedy struck again only this time, it left me without a dad and my mother a widow. October 16, 2017 my father was robbed, shot and left on the cold street to die and he did. I am his namesake. This was a very hard one to swallow- a pain not like losing my sister, different and the same, all in one but even through it all, I kept my faith and it became stronger and the faith of my mom, did too. I am honoured to be able participate in this competition because it gives me an opportunity to use my talent to glorify God in testimony on his behalf using the very talent that he has blessed me with and until now, struggled to use. I hope that this will be a door and avenue to reach others who have gone through tragedies and tribulations of their own; those who endure the sufferings of this life and surrender them over to God and for those who struggle to. I hope to be a lamp to othere so that he can then use them too as a vessel to bring light into the lives of others. Our trials and tribulations and our individual sufferings, are not our own for us to self loathe in pity, question or resent, but instead to be used as a testimony to help others heal by hearing the Gospel and the grace of God and his great works in our lives. I have ministered to many, but I thank God each and every day for what he has done in not only my life but mostly for allowing me to witness the change and healing his has brought into the life of my mother. I hope to reach others and witness the change in their lives too. For that, I dedicate this to my mother for her strength and for the Glory of Christ.


The Divine Redemption



Artist Statement

I can say that this has been the first piece of mine that I am truly happy with and excited about. Overall upon completion, I can truly say that I feel like an Artist and because It is painted to glorify God, I feel as though my talent has been given a purpose. The process in creating this piece began with prayer for guidance, inspiration and discernment of the scripture. I wanted to create something that was different and because a lot of what is spoken in the Bible uses symbolism, I wanted to try my best to bring those elements together and create a powerful piece. I read each scripture verse by verse and meditated on the words and sketched the first thing that came to mind best representing what is spoken in the word. A conceptual sketch, birthed the idea, where I then sketched it again, then painted it in water color- where finally I began to work on the final product on a sheet of rice paper I had purchased before but never painted on. The ideas began to flow and connect almost seamlessly. I truly feel I was guided by the spirit to paint this and I feel blessed to have come across this competition and honored to participate and show my vision.

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Ephesians 6:10-20 speaks about the Armour of God, this being a battle of Good and Evil. Although it can be interpretted many different ways, the battle is most definitely Spiritual and this aspect of the battle is what I wanted to portray while being careful to preserve the integrity of the message. I wanted to show this using symbolism. The bible speaks of our hearts being great deceivers so I painted the heart inside the Tree of Life to portray the heart of those in good faith... from this tree, we have Life... I used a cedar tree because not only is it a prized wood and spoken of biblically, it is a strong tree. It isnt weak. Its roots are holding together a broken earth, a fallen world. Where its roots penetrate, there is light. The light represents God, his strength and the grace in which he brings into our lives when we have faith and trust him. The Snake/Serpent represents the evils of this world, wickedness and the devil, himself. The head and tail of the snake is Red like our hearts. I chose red for the snake, one end representing temptation and the other deception and all inbetween. The serpent brings destruction, which is why I show it coming out and through the earth, breaking and cracking where ever it is able. The earth represents the people, the nations- fragile and lukewarm. Wheresoever it is weak, it shall surely crumble away until it is no more. The Light, is our armour, it is our truth and it is our shadow of protection. It holds us together- For where is light, there is no darkness. The Rainbow represents hope, our shield of light, the seal of God and his divine promise to us. It is his Covenant for all of his children. The white dove represents Salvation/Redemption/Righteousness and The Holy Spirit and the 12 stars represent the 12 tribes around the world where the Lord will raise his people up and instill to them, the Holy Spirit and with it shall they be vessels for the Gospel unto spoken unto every nation.


SOLO- Ta Ari Orlando

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Type of work: a hand-created copy

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