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My name is Richard Sullivan I have discovered that painting is a tool that God is using to speak in an unusual way to hearts as He does for me thanks to Engage Art. N/a


Battle Cry

Artist Statement

The history of the Saints in every age is one of conflict and the pathway the disciple treads as he follows His Lord is one of certain Warfare. The Lion's Roar represents the Lord's Roar for battle. He is calling us into spiritual battle a challenge to attack, I want to be one of those who willing and be available as God's instrument ready for His Warfare. Something about a lion he only Roars when he has the victory when he's won the prey and that is what the Lord is trying to tell us we have the Victory and he's roaring for this final hour and I myself am encouraged to hear the Roar of the Lord ..can you hear it?" for such a time as this" scripture referencing Ephesians 6 verse 10 to be strong in the Lord and the power of His might we're not in this battle alone we follow our captain we follow our King. This is why I've created this painting as the lord gave me this impression.

How it fits into contest

Based on Ephesians chapter 6 verse 10 to be strong in the Lord and power of His might his call his cry or roar is bringing us strength to stand with him in this hour. To watch, for this is the final hour for us to be able to stand in his victory. He has overcome the world and through him we can do all things.


Myself being led by the Lord through listening to His Small voice,along with my wife believing in me and love..

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Type of work: a mass produced copy
Purchase price: $175

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