Artist bio

I am an eighteen year old who is currently enrolled in an early college program. I will graduate high school in May of 2019 with an associates in Art and Science. I plan to then go to a university to get a degree in Elementary Education. My goal is to be an elementary teacher with an E.C. certification, so that I can touch the lives of children at a young age, when it matters most. My hobbies include painting, singing, and swimming. I attend Western Promg Baptist Church in Whiteville, North Carolina and try to be a very active role in my church and community. I was saved when I was eleven and am very blessed to have the family and community that I have.


In Memory of a Soldier of God

Artist Statement

I’ve been into art since I was young. It started with drawing, then recently I got more into painting. I’ve done some small paintings here and there, but have felt drained every time, as if I needed something more meaningful to inspire my paintings. Then, one day, out of the blue, my mom sent me a link to this contest and my heart lit up. I was immediately inspired and couldn’t stop working on this piece. The artwork portrays the grave of a fallen soldier. It’s not just any soldier, it’s a soldier of God. His belt of truth, shield of faith, helmet of salvation, and sword of the spirit are left on his grave as a reminder to all who visits that he stood for the Lord. His shoes of readiness are on his feet so that he can readily walk to the gates of Heaven. His tombstone reads “In Memory of a Soldier of God” to signify that his most important and most prominent characteristic was that he served the Lord.

How it fits into contest

The fallen soldier served God and had lived a life protected by and carried the Whole Armor of God.


Chrissilynn Ammons (myself) - painted the work
Donovan Louvierre and Courtney Ammons - endless support and encouragement

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