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I have been photographing for a long time. I am an architect, and if you are an architect, you are also a photographer. Well, actually I just like it. it relaxes to some extent and you just understand the frame alone, with one click we can create something that will change the world. this is wonderful. through the photo you will convey your idea, your position in something. and the most interesting thing is that a photo is sometimes like in architecture. you build your shot in layers until you get what you call a complete shot.


Architect of nation


Digital Art

Artist Statement

A tree that holds history. This tree was created by an architect. Nation tree. In a modern manner, making it minimalistic, made of concrete and patterns on it that characterize the culture of his nation. Features of the place where he comes from. No one knows who he is and whether he succeeded in what he wanted to convey to people. Different people. We will not know, because no one where he came from.
That is the story behind my art

How it fits into contest

My work intersects with the Ephesians 6:10-20 through the global problems of the nation. The theme is related to how the whole nation, no matter which one, is drowning in devilish fire, and the architect of the entire nation tree is watching this, because he cannot intervene. He is waiting for the moment when people will pull together to cope with this together. it is a big question for him whether this will happen, but he believes in it.


The whole world I guess

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It is not for sale

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I do not have them. Having my instagram with my thoughts about it.

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