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A young Argentinian advanced student of a Bachelor of Design and Audiovisual Production with aspirations of live and express in this world.




Digital Art

Artist Statement

The windows in recent times are the element that allows us or not, observe a reality that no longer It is like the one that was known before, a reality with an invisible judge who watches over us and reminds us of the little things what are we.
With the quarantine, reality for many was transformed, the interiors of our houses were closed in our only reality for a few moments, a reality that in many cases is dark and recondite. while the outside, observed through the windows, is invaded by a light that blinds.
“Sheltered behind the windows we ask ourselves in silence: Are we facing an apocalyptic future? But the reality is that it has always been a present. A psychic apocalypse, constantly being played with through literature, cinema, art, imagination. The imagination that will always fall short of what real, concrete. Only that the imagination interprets it and reinvents it with much lighter, nobler nuances, heroic, to try to better digest what we are, what we represent in this world.” (Leal, 2021, p. 8)
Perhaps the reality was always like this, or perhaps it never was, but it is clear that the pandemic made us focus on multiple thoughts, in our questioning of life with feelings on the surface.
Acquiring the various knowledge throughout the year, especially photography in times of pandemic and, taking inspirations from the “Fine Art Photography” genre, through Sebastiao Salgado, and even Ansel Adams, I intend show through the windows that the interiors are often not as warm as they seem, they lack light, and will become an infinite gloom, while the exteriors may be, perhaps, too warm, illuminated to the point of infinite blindness.
The interiors are concentrated by intra-family relationships, by personal conflicts, by thoughts that have no end, for many people the interiors are empty full of darkness. The exteriors meet full of light, of constant exposure, an exhibition that seeks a return, a reflection on our part.
We find ourselves in a place where our homes seem to trap us in endless darkness and many times our only light comes from an environment that we cannot see, an environment that is inaccessible, and can only be seen through a window.

How it fits into contest

I like to see the windows as little portals to our souls and in the last two years I think this was the time for most people to be stronger than ever. Some people only had their windows to look into the exterior world a exterior that was so bright for many of us with the interior of our homes being so dark so many times. I think it's a good time to contemplate the many people that stood strong in their place waiting for the best, for that light in the exterior to be iluminated into their homes.

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