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Hi! My name is Diana Gheorghiu I am a 25 years old artist living in the UK Painting is my meditation, I relax through painting. I love doing all my paintings smoothly and patiently ✨





Artist Statement

We are all stucked in this days society
You have no freedom, even tho they say you have human rights, you feel like you are trapped in a box.
All you do is go work, pay rent, pay bills, and this never ends.
This days, knowledge means power, and is something they trying to keep you away from. They say you have human rights, but yet, they force you do things.
This painting has done with acrylic paint using pallets on 380 GSM paper!

How it fits into contest

This painting is about our lives being trapped in this society!

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Please get in touch through my email address

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I do commission works for such affordable prices.

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