Artist bio

Breech Asher Harani is an independent artist from the Davao Region of the Philippines who graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts major in Mass Communication at the Holy Cross of Davao College. He creates visual arts, films, video art, photographs, and installation art which exhibited in festivals, museums and forums around the world. He is also the only Filipino Artist to be included at the FORBES ‘30 Under 30’ list for the Arts in Asia in 2020.


Stand Your Ground


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

'Stand Your Ground' is a paper art diorama which uses light, shadows and paper cutting technique to present a different kind of spiritual battle that everyone should be a part of - Climate Justice.
The Philippines is one of the countries greatly affected by the fatal impacts of Climate Change. Due to the rising sea temperatures caused by excessive carbon emission, calamities like typhoons have been intensified and are becoming frequent and more damaging than ever before killing thousands of people in the recent years.
As a Christian, I believe that God's Glory is every creature striving and fully alive. Thus, the greed of those in power and its abuses to the environment is a whole evil that we should fight against to protect the very gift God have given to us since the beginning. The flourishing of all living things that God created should be the ultimate spiritual goal.
In this artwork, we see two types of warriors, the advocate and the doers. One speaks against the injustices against nature, while the others do their best to preserve nature's purpose. Both groups play important roles in order to win this battle.
True to its title, 'Stand Your Ground' for this war is still not over.

How it fits into contest

The problem we are facing about Climate Change is a very difficult one. We are basically fighting against a group of powerful people who will do anything to accumulate more wealth while disregarding the planet. They are God's enemies. Ephesians 6:10-20 emphasizes how God's children will be going against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world, a challenge that is very dangerous, but a true Christian will stand on our ground, the very ground God created for us to cultivate and support life.
The belt of truth will help us educate those who undermine facts regarding our climate. With God on our side, we are more connected to nature than ever. And that connection will be our foundation to continue fighting because fighting a spiritual war against climate change will demand that we live differently and responsibly, protecting what God provided us.

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