Artist bio

i am a freelance visual and textiles artist that has always been passionate about art. when i was younger i just did not know how to label what was brewing on the inside. after high school i studied visual arts at the university of namibia because i have always been determined to live a passion filled life and that has driven me to stick my craft and not trade it for what considered as the norm.




Digital Art

Artist Statement

My artwork is a repeat pattern of the the word amen. amen is a very unique word that does not get translation. every language says amen and you agree by what you. amen is such a powerful word that it only has four letters.

How it fits into contest

my artwork is talking about fighting the spiritual battle in the spiritual realm by praying. when you are in the spiritual realm God takes over your battle. it is the battle of life, emphases are more on the weapons than the hearts bearing such weapons. but the truth is , no weapon is powerful than the heart carrying it. if you have weapons but lack the heart, you will still be a casualty in battle. with the right heart David conquered Goliath with a sling and a stone. while the army of israel had the right weapons for war ,they lacked the heart to face Goliath. it is your being strong in the Lord that qualifies you to put on the whole armor with which you incapacitate the opposition.

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