Artist bio

My name is faith, I’m 28. I have four children and a wonderful husband, I love my family so much, they keep me strong and motivated to better myself each day. Before I was a mother or a wife I was a girl who needed guidance, and encouragement. I found that threw art, even as a young child I knew if I felt down I’d start to draw. I began sketching at about 14, and I always drew myself, if it was my mood or a situation I was in. It was a stress relief, it was a way of letting those negative feelings go. I never saw myself as a painter till one day in the summer of 2008 I was at my lowest, I felt so lost and depressed and someone gave me a canvas and put paint and brushes in front me, and I let it all go, with the mix of every color I had and every emotion I needed to vent I than fell in love with painting! I found my out! Threw the years I’ve noticed I don’t take as much time to myself as I need, and though I love catering to my families needs I find it hard to give myself that moment to free myself, to breath. This contest, regardless if I won or not gave me the opportunity to guide myself threw a paintbrush again. I took my time for about 3 months off and on to really dedicate what I’ve needed, to find myself again as an artist. I love this painting I’ve given it such empowerment and emotional realization. It represents me finding myself.


Emotional Realization


Digital Art

Artist Statement

This piece represents me in the beginning of finding who I am. What truly makes me happy,and motivative my art has made me. The time I’ve given myself to paint letS me feel at peace with myself as a whole. For who I am and what makes me, me. The colors and different patterns represent the struggles and level of difficulty I’ve faced in life. The look on my face is pointing up and focusing on the sunflower of life. Its my focal point to keep moving forward.

How it fits into contest

I hope to spread the motivation. By directing people in the right way to see how art it’s self is a healing tool in life. It’s a reflection of emotional baggage and can be an elighqment that people need.



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