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My name is Bianca Nemes, born in 28th of May 1997, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I am a computer science graduated and I am currently studying psychology at university. Besides my job and analytical inclination, my passions are painting and writing. I wrote a book 'Collinearity solution. Counterpoint' and I participated to painting camps and painting courses. I paint in oil or acrylic in an abstract way.


Mirroring yourself



Artist Statement

The painting describes the spiritual battle of human being. In the center of the page there is one human and behind him, there are his demons, who creates inner struggle. The human is looking in the mirror, a metaphorical mirror, reflecting the true self and the divine, namely the soul of the human and the connection to divinity.
The used colors are yellow and blue. Yellow is the sign of light, of good, of winning and the color blue is the sign of anxiety, inner battle, the darkness behind us.
The painting is created in acrylic and the nonlinearity of colors and techniques is the symbol of difficulties.
The human being will choose the right path by accepting his demons and having faith in God.

How it fits into contest

The artwork is on theme, presenting the spiritual battle.
The human being is between his demons and the light. He stays with his back to demons, but they are there, generating inner struggle and suffer, but the hope is divinity, represented by light. The mirror at which the human is looking at symbolize the self, the true self, who accepts his demons and chooses the good path in life.
In this way, the spiritual battle is present in my painting.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I make collaborations with customers in terms of paintings. They choose the theme or colors and I make the painting, based on customer needs.
Furthermore, I wrote a book, 'Collinearity solution. Counterpoint'.

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