Dawit Trench

Artist bio

My name is Dawit Trench and I am an independent artist and writer who creates digital art, comics, and stories. I have been inspired to create my own artwork and stories by many illustrators and storytellers ever since I was a child and now as an adult in my early twenties, I am working hard to get my art and stories published.


Holding onto Yourself


Digital Art

Artist Statement

A man chooses to hold onto who he is in order to maintain his pure spirit. As he holds onto himself, a barrier of spiritual energy protects him from a surge of evil tentacles trying to consume him in order to contaminate his soul and give into his darkest desires.

How it fits into contest

In my art piece, a man holds onto himself, creating a spiritual barrier between him and a vast amount of dark tentacles, representing the temptations of the devil. My piece symbolizes how we all have the power of God within us and as long as we maintain who we are than that strength shields us against any manipulation of the evil one.



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