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Yorick is an educator, writer and artist who lives in Australia. Ever since they were able to speak, his two children have never stopped asking him to tell them a new story. When he is not inventing new narratives, he likes to collect armor and watch every movie ever.


Standing One's Ground - Then and Now


Digital Art

Artist Statement

As one who collects armor for the purposes of historical re-enactment, I have an appreciation of the importance of being properly equipped on the battlefield.
As a father of three, I strongly wish to spiritually equip them to stand fast against the darkness of our world.
Standing One's Ground - Then and Now, is composed for all ages, to visually represent each part of the Armor of God, and why we need it. The juxtaposition with the armor used on the battlefield is aimed to emphasise the importance of our daily struggle and dependence on our Christ as our strength.
In Christ, all things hold together.

How it fits into contest

Standing One's Ground - Then and Now is a representation of the significance of each part of the Armor of God.
It contrasts the consequence of having armor equipped and going without.
Likewise it contrasts the impact of being equipped spiritually and being unprepared.


The poetic verse and images were composed by me.

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These images will be made available on the artist's website:
There will be the option to download for free or provide a contribution.

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I compose picture books based on whatever provides inspiration.
They are made for children to understand, but also for parents who might enjoy the reading of them (even after a hundred times)
From adaptations of Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Fitzgerald and other classics, to original fantasy and science fiction, all stories are didactic in some sense and can be used as teaching resources.

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