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Je suis professeur des arts plastiques et artiste visuel.


The god and question of evil



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My plastic painting The God and the Question of Evil is acrylic and pastel dyeing, size 42/50. Through my artwork, I do not want to simulate the reality or the subject of spiritual wars in all its utterance and details, but rather to bring my artwork out of its natural stillness to a state of dazzling creativity and leave in the same recipient admiration and comparison Between the daily scenes that we repeatedly pass without arousing any emotion in us and the artist’s paintings that capture our gustatory sensitivity and prompt us to initiate expressions of admiration, satisfaction, visual and intellectual pleasure in the contents of the painting, good use and visual description. So I mixed two realistic figurative plastic styles on the lower level of the painting, meaning the human in war and killing the other, and a surreal style on the upper level of the painting, i.e. the shape of the god descending in his sky as the just heavenly court carrying a sword in the form of a cross and the sign of the positive in mathematics to help the oppressed And the good self and provide him with strength and positive energy. I employed in the painting all the elements of the artwork and its multiple techniques of line, color, rhythm, movement, harmony, balance, the rules of perspective in shape and color, the choice of appropriate formal conditions, the thoughtful distribution of spaces, color and formal values, and their harmony with the content of the treated idea.

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Each of us has experienced in his life many experiences in which the moment of the presence of human violence, whether in his own soul Whether in the souls of others, experiences that kill that naive illusion that man is cute and positive in his nature, if this issue were correct, and if there were no religions that show that there is a small evil in human nature, which makes every believer have to conquer it. So where did this illusion come from, which has become a political reality in our time, which says that man is not aggressive by nature, but becomes aggressive within the framework of society and the environment in which he thrives? Feelings that are born in life in the midst are the ones that spoil the positive nature of man We find in religion that it is necessary to strengthen the love of the God in heaven who is the master of laws; religion which is characterized by an effective influence inevitably knows that only through an emotional investment in God are persons able to obtain love among themselves, so that the idea that they must love their parents is implanted in their subconscious Close people and people. The goal of religion is to destroy the original nature of human beings by transforming the sexual and aggressive nature into a loving and emotional nature that is constantly looking for love. People who believe in the same God.
Freud asserts that history shows the extent to which this deity has succeeded in building cohesion and harmony among society, but the success according to Freud is incomplete due to the racism that we find between religion and the other and ideologies, and this is what we see in wars and exclusions...


Sigmund Freud
Jean jack Rousseau

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