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Hello my name is vashti, I’m 23 years old and I am from the Bahamas. I’ve always loved art since I was a child. In high school my course was commercial arts and it was amazing. I got to partake in paintings, drawing still life, painting a group mural. Shortly after high school I slowed down on drawings due to work purposes. After a few years and career changes, I drew very few times however, I mostly did calligraphy. To my suprise I stumbled on this website and I thought it was an excellent way to challenge myself and it would be an advantage of reading the Bible more. I had the opportunity to be apart of a ladies bible study night where the book of Ephesians was the highlight. After our bible study nights ended (totaled 6weeks), i was shocked to know just how important it is to always stay guarded with the Armor of God. In my picture you can see the complete armor of God inside a boat. The boat represents God. The colors red, orange and yellow represents the different ways in which the devil can stir your faith-whether it be emotionally or consciously. The enemy comes is many different ways and forms but if you are not heavily guarded with the Armor of God you can fall into the snares in the water. However if you are always seeking God’s face, reading the word of God, renewing your mind daily and having faith, you will remain grounded and because of the faith you have it is my belief that no harm will come to you. I really enjoyed painting this, At first I had met so many bumps that tried to stop me. I actually didn’t have a canvas due to the covid 19 lockdown, then earlier this morning 30/3/2020 someone gave me a canvas. I then had troubles painting a background but because I didn’t give up I was able to successfully complete. Thankyou





Artist Statement

When creating my background it proved to be almost difficult, reason being is the background didn’t come out as expected
I used three art brushes to complete my work. I am a student nurseand I work just about everyday however, I am still a artist at heart I love painting whenever I get the chance to draw I something I do.

How it fits into contest

Because one needs a complete suit in order to fully withstand the enemy’s attack. Putting on one or forgetting something will get you harmed


A colleague by the name of Samantha Johnson Daley she gave me a paint set and canvas
My dormmate leantae Moxey gave me an idea to make the bottom half a ship

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It is original painting I made myself.

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