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Artist statement: I create holistically, incorporating body soul and spirit. I express the nature of the beauty around me-as this is my window to God. I delight in the human body- a marvel that never ceases to amaze. I express love and joy-this keeps them tangible in my life. I have learnt to trust my instincts and skills allowing them to lead me in the right direction. Most importantly: if my art can move a person to pause, think, smile, ponder, question, cry, laugh, bring hope and encourage, and maybe see a glimpse of God’s nature, then I have served my purpose in life.”





Artist Statement

I had a vision of this before I painted it. I painted it very quickly and it just flowed. I was initially loathe to show/exhibit this work, but turns out it is always the work that gets the most interest and response. It is acrylic on canvas. My recent portfolio all seems to be executed this way, in a union with spirit and flow rather than a conscious concept.

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The spiritual battle is just that "spiritual", we actually cannot intellectualize it. It is a matter of resting and knowing He fights our battles and that brings a receiving of our strength and a manifestation of His glory.


Holy Spirit and myself.

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Original artwork on canvas. price $8 000.

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I have a limited edition series of bronze sculptures. I do commissions of all kinds and many mediums. I do live painting for events.

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