Ing Donaville

Artist bio

Ing Donaville is a native of Detroit, MI presently residing in the Mojave Desert of California. She is vocationally trained in Washington State as an interior designer and was the owner/operator of a successful coffee shop. After a grand life transition, she began to focus on painting as a way to harmonize and then extract order from her thoughts. By design, her original acrylic and oil works are therapy, to raise the pulse and to inspire action. She is moved by music, beautiful landscapes, the ambience of the sun and the moon, and the lines of architecture. These motivators are the stimuli reflected in her vibrant, colorful abstracts.


My Black Is Beautiful



Artist Statement

The noise, their words, were painfully powerful. The noise she listened to for so long is destructive, uncompromising, controlling, degrading and finally, abandoning.

The noise is her call to war, a fight to uphold the truth in love. She is adorned in her armor, crucified and empowered by her reliance on God.

She is virtuous! Inner strength. Confident peace. She truly understands now that, in fact, “My Black Is Beautiful.”


I created this work to heal. Art is my therapy, an attempt to use the gift of color theory and perspective to draw closer to God’s love. Music, natural elements and odd numbers are woven into every piece of abstract Art I create and I am often as surprised as the viewer at the completion, as the works are a feeling brought to fruition. To God be the glory, forever.


Ing Donaville
Art appreciation is framed by one’s own unique perspective. Abstract art seems to be in direct orientation to that situation; it urges a movement of the heart. An individual sees what he wants and expects to see and feels what she is prepared to feel minus all absolutes.

Thank you for viewing. I hope my work moves, thrills and inspires you to purchase a piece of my heart.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Original Artwork.
My Black Is Beautiful”
20x24 acrylic on stretched canvas
By Ing

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